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Steemsavvy offers some free and informative coaching videos to help get over some of the obstacles and hurdles when it comes to understanding Steem, The Steem Blockchain and how to make good use of the Steemit platform.

Here's a snapshot preview of the coaching series hosted and presented by @jongolson the creator of Steemsavvy


Steemsavvy offers a series of short but informative coaching videos

Whether you are new to Steem & Steemit or you have already been here a while...?
Steemsavvy may help to unlock more opportunities while you are on your Steemit Journey with lot's of fun challenges, contest's and projects taking place on a regular basis.


Take advantage of this free coaching series and use the referral programme to help others learn too. There are no direct referral commissions paid for referring people to Steemsavvy since it's a free service but great things can happen within the community, referring others to join Steemsavvy can help you build your own following or brand and you can provide a new person with some educational videos to help them get started. Steemsavvy offers a fun and free way for people to learn about the basics of Steem, Steemit & The Steem Blockchain.


So if you are new to crypto? New to Steem and Steemit? or maybe you are just curious to find out more...?

Take the first step and get started with Steemsavvy right now!


Setting up your account on Steemit

There are two options, you can choose to register for an account directly on Steemit, the process it's pretty simple, easy and straight forward, however you need to be manually approved and that can sometimes take a while, possibly up to a week, or you can sign up using Steem Ninja The Instant Account Creation Wizard which will allow you to start right away, just follow the simple 3 step process and be sure to download and back up your password and keys for safe keeping before committing to the small service charge, part of your payment also contributes to 90 day's Steem Power Delegation.


New Challenges & Incentives

February Photo Challenge 2019 - Travel - Free Entry
Win Free Premium Banner Advertising for 30 day's

The Steemit Rewards Quest A simple easy to do 10 step Online Journey

  • a chance to Win more than $30,000 worth of prizes with the Triple Referral Contest

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