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It's our first ever 'Sunday Session' for SteemSavvy...

Our weekly meeting where we do a few things;

  1. We go over some training from within the SteemSavvy platform. To give members useful information about all we offer new Steemians as well as old.

  2. A roundtable discussion about the STEEM blockchain and all the opportunities found on it.

  3. And to have some fun ;)

If you can't make it to the show, we record it and upload it to #dtube for your viewing pleasure at a later time...

But if you did watch and attend....Did you find the 'Sunday Sentence' for some @steembasicincome rewards ;)

I hope you enjoy the talk!

Joining me this week was:


For more information on everything we are doing to bring more people to the Steem blockchain, be sure to check out:



Thanks for reading and visiting my blog!.png

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sweet!!! thanks guys and i vote @stackin for partiko partner!!

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Watched the recording. It was a really nice talk. Should be done at an earlier time for me to watch it live, because everything is BUILD BY ENGAGEMENT, lol. But I know for most of the SteemSavvy members it's a better time.


yeah time zones always suck because you cater to one group but seem to ignore another. figured that’s why it’s good to record these going forward.

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I got accepted to steemit within a week, my problem in signing up was I did not know I had a limited amount of time to respond to the email when I first signed up, when I did go to it, it told me my time to respond ran out, so I tried again and it told me a user already had this name and phone# and would not let me make the account. So I used my husbands phone# and changed my user name this time I got it right, I also screwed up signing in to steemsavvy and had to use a different name, I swear computers do not like me. I have been Build-ing by engagement and have found new people to follow by going to the introduceyourself tag also I have been telling them about @steemsavvy. I believe in it and know it will help others like it has helped me.


thank you very much for the kind words and again i’m so grateful for your positive experiences with Savvy! drop me a line anytime if you need anything at all.

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There is valuable information in this Sunday Edition. Like how to get your gimbal on, and that going high-tech can backfire!

We had a lot of fun doing this and even managed to talk about some aspects of SteemSavvy in the process. We hope to improve as this develops, and my cam might even work next time!

Building the STEEM blockchain with Savvy solutions!


ha ha ha 4k technology!!!

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Great show Jon. I see nobody has entered the contest yet, to bad great prize to be had. They just have to watch the whole video and get enter it here in the comments and get the prize. I heard that it is a sbi prize well worth to watch the tape just for that never mind the great info on the tape as well


lol ya man. it’s a doozy though. 45 minutes lol

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I'm @lorreli!

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ya i messed up and spelled it wrong lol

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thanks. appreciate the heads up

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