Mail drop number 2!

in #steemround5 years ago

Someone tell me no next year! Just kidding its been a blast.


Alright, so the one thing that I didn't plan was getting these rounds so late in the year. This has been rough, tough and enjoyable. Being in retail this is a bad time to be going to the post office with 28 international packages. To say the least it took a little time to get these babies mailed today.

But it's done!

Hopefully everyone will recieve these by Christmas. There are still a few that needs to be mailed out from the @smooth contest give away but that will happen tomorrow. Sorry I did not have everyones address until today.


So whats next?

I am ready to see some unboxing post. I've seen 2 so far and I am sure by Friday all US steemians will have theirs and getting the post ready.

I want to thank everyone again, for trusting me with this project.

Have an awsome night!!



You are the Man Ray!! I'm in "close the year mode" and working from my home office. I can't wait to hear that doorbell.

@cryptospa this guy!

I got mine yesterday! Thank you so much ray 😁

Bravo big daddy! — and thank you for stepping up for SSG and getting the work done like the big boss man you is.
Long live SSG 👊😎🍍🕺

Kapow! 💥

Done and dusted.

Thanks! Got mine today!

You ROCK! Thank you again for getting this done!

Friday thats awesome, I'm already looking forward to next year!!!😀

You have done an awesome and amazing job! I'm not sure I would have wanted that job for myself, lol! Thank you for all of your time and effort. Have a wonderful night.

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