10 interesting things about the world we live in ! #5

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A new day and 10 curiosities for you as follow!


Adolf Hitler

  1. Did you know hiccups pass if you hold your hands in very cold water or if you sting your ear lobe with the nail.

  2. Hippopotamus's milk is pink.

  3. DNA of octopus is so different, It could be of alien origin. Scientists have found that it is actually a mixture of DNA that does not meet with other animals, no one known how it was obtained.

  4. Pain also has a unit of measure. This is called "dol" and the instrument designed to measure pain is calledd dolorimeter.

  5. During of our lifetime, we keep our eyes closed for about 5 years.

  6. The deepest lake on Earth is Baikal Lake from Siberia. It has more than 1.7 Km deep and water from there represents about 20% of the "sweet" water in liquid state of the Earth.

  7. The lowest temperature ever recorded in the world is -89 Celsius degrees. It happened on July 21, 1983 in Vostok in Antarctica.

  8. The most lasting life of a fish, was a Koy crap and lived for 226 years.

  9. The most sudden rise in temperature ever recorded was in 1943 in North Spearfish, Dakota. The temperature rose from -20 degrees to +7 degrees Celsius in just 2 minutes.

  10. Hitler's mother considered the possibility of abortion, but her doctor managed to convince her to quit the idea.

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Wow, 226 years old fish! Crazy stuff

Yes it is!