Incoming delegation information on

in steemrocks •  last year now lists accounts' incoming delegation information.

Last week, I have announced it has started to list outgoing delegations. Now, it works for incoming delegations, too.

Accessing the incoming delegations page

  • Go to your profile, click the incoming delegations on the left menu.

  • Profit

You can also access your accounts' incoming delegations by typing the URL.

For the outgoing delegations:

Just change my username to yours.

Let me know if you encounter any issues. I decided to add this kind of features to every week.

Also created a separate account for for updates and announcements. If you're a user of, you might consider following it.

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thanks for your hard work. I use it every day.

Eline sağlık. Hem güncelleme hem de komple sistem için. Acaip işime yarıyor, Steemit'ten daha çok giriyorum sanırım :)

Tebrikler hocam. Yer imlerine ekledim bile.

This will be useful to many, thanks for .rock!


Glad to hear :)

Nic post

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 09.12.30.png
Lol, I'm gonna look back at it after a year and laugh.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 09.13.54.png

I'm not pretty sure about those calculations, looks like something wrong.

I just discover Awesome job. I am reading your post on python for steem as I am doing a bot to support my favourite communities.

So long story short, you earned a new follower!