So steem is going mental. Someone just dumped many thousand though. (Price will rise regardless)

in steemrise •  2 years ago

Devs dumping STEEM.

So what caused this massive dip in price?

EDIT: seems the are dumping to previous prices as to allow it to still rise. Basically playing the market.

Even though ned is dumping and i suspect some whales the rise looks very promising. I mean with the new features etc. Lets hope they are not manipulating the markets for personal gain. If not then steemit could be on the way back. I have already bought by steem. Have you?

Check neds account. He is the only person with the amount needed to do that. Think the time frame is a tad suspicious. Just saying i don't think his heart is really in it. I wonder if that was even half of what he sent in fact. I don't think it is.

Check out contentjunkie's post about the transfer just after the announcement.

Them dumping seems to imply lack of faith in steemit. Would show way more faith by holding it in their savings. I mean if the guy at the top doesn't want to hold why should we? :/

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I saw steem at 0.09 cents. Now it is at 0.20 cents when I just checked it right now. Who knows where its going next. :)

@egjoshslim Thanks for the vigilance.
All I can say is that most of us here do not have to travel or maintain a company that is involved in the steemit blockchain. I imagine there are expenses that has that we as regular users do not.
I do not believe @ned would travel half way across the World, or put his face all over STEEM and then not BELIEVE. I do not know him personally nor am I a mind reader, and I am on steemit of my own free will.


hes dumped most not long ago. The problem is that amount of steem really affects the price and by dump selling it causes the price to drop huge amounts. Fucking us all over as people panic sell when they see that. You don't think he would travel across the world for tens of thousands? really? you do realize he was a financial annalist? trust me. He is playing the market. Thats what they do :/ :(

nattering nabobs of negativity