Witness upgrate from v0.19.3 to v0.19.5

in #steemrepo6 years ago

due to bugs in version 0.19.3 all witness nodes with that version are down. Unfortunately I realized this problem after several hours.


I therefore suggest to all the witnesses with that version to update to version 0.19.5.

I remind you can verify your logs using the command ./run.sh logs
My logs file was corrupt...

The procedure to upgrade

./run.sh install
./run.sh restart

i suggest you to purge the folder /dev/shm/ because it can stuck on "Lock Timeout".
To prevent this, run the following commands:

./run.sh stop
rm -rf /dev/shm/*
./run.sh replay


If you like what i'm doing, please upvote me as your Witness here



Good to have you back as witness

ty very much mate

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