What's the future of Steem?

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Different time has passed since I entered this platform (exactly 8 months). When i started there was around 50.000 registered users and was the first period of real activity on steem (because all cryptos increased this summer).
The STEEM creators @ned continued to interact like a normal user on the platform.

After the first development, no big changes have been made than the translation of steemit.com website and its logo. So we are still waiting a great proejct called Smart Media Token (SMT) on Steem blockchain, because it will certainly revolutionize everything that will revolve around this blockchain.

Although no substantial changes have been made to the blockchain or blogging platform, different project have been created by active developer users around Steem.

my thoughts go to Bid Bots, Utopian, Dlive, Dsound, Dtube, Zappl, MemeIT, etc.

  • Can we consider it an evolution of the Blockchain?

  • Can we consider for example a bid bot an evolution or only a lucrative method to earn money?

  • all that has been done can be considered an evolution?


I always remind you that STEEM is a blog platform and whatever you do will be related to that. With this I mean that despite all the projects made, the real future of STEEM is related to good quality contents. This is why i like @curie @ocd @steemhunt @steemstem and this is why i created @steemrepo, to help people for writing good quality posts. Let me say it's very hard because the 90% of people here, write bad and don't understand the real potential of the platform.

the real problem

Although steem is an interesting blog platform, the most important goal that leads users here is called MONEY.

Do you really think people are interested in content if they can not earn us something?

But how many people who actually write good content are being helped?

Can this help the future of the platform?

I think that the services like curators guild, help a lot but they are not enough to make stronger the platform. Hundreds of good contents are literally discarded every day without receiving the slightest vision.

Is this the real future we are waiting from steem?


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