Virtualization - VDI: Citrix and Vmware

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When we talk about virtualization, we speak about different technologies better known as hypervisors (Vmware, Hyper-V, etc..).
Their main function is to "extract" the hardware available at the host machine by simulating resources that can be used by virtual operating systems.

VDI - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Once we have the ability to simulate hardware resources, becomes interesting to be able to create VMs that really simulate our personal computer.
A VDI is the implementation of a system that allows the management and control of virtual machines, aimed at replacing physical desktop stations with thin clients


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It seems a computer but is really only a stupid hardware allowed to connect on VDI Servers, so you don't need hardware to buy because it's all stored on the VDI Server Infrastructure.

The choice of the producer

the largest manufacturing companies of VDI are:

  • CITRIX (Citrix XenDesktop)
  • VMWARE (Vmware Horizon View)

What do they really do?

  • secure remote access with better performance and a better user experience

  • allow users to remotely log in without having to download anything on devices

  • reduces costs by keeping the infrastructure always up-to-date

  • simplify endpoint management

  • standardize a heterogeneous environment

  • access anywhere

  • offer high-performance virtualized graphics workstations


VDI compared at work (Citrix vs Vmware): video

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