Tech Innovation - recharge your mobile phone battery with the breath (Iphone users)

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recharge the iphone with your breath


Exactly, the most ecological way to charge iPhone and other electronic devices when you are away from energy sources is with your breath. The air movement and the temperature are two potential sources of energy to be used for recharge the battery of technological gadgets like an Iphone.
AIRE Mask is the name of this project

But, what is exactly AIRE Mask?

It looks like a gas mask (and uses the same principle of human breath), but created to produce electricity.

It will be used like a normal gas mask, except that its function is not to filter oxygen. It dedicates himself to what comes and goes from the oral cavity. The air movement is used to create electricity and then to transfer it to the mobile phone battery.


AIRE Mask can be used for example while you are going to work, during the night or during your free time. Certainly it is not a pleasing image to go around wearing this strange equipment, but it can certainly optimize and increase your quality of life.

Does it look sexy?


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Ty very much...

a very sophisticated tool. just by breathing can charge hp battery ..

did you buy it?

I have not been able to buy it, if later there is more sustenance I will buy it ..

amazing technology, I myself just found out that there is this technology and maybe this is very useful for all smartphone users. thanks for sharing

think of a future where we will all have this mask ...

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