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Project Info

as Dream Master on the platform, all the text below is taken by the original website and this is a promotion post


Dream Real is a global social network based on blockchain technology, where users can share their dreams with the whole world, and cryptocurrency of the ecosystem creates incentives for content generation.

In our world 100% of people have dreams and wish to make them real, but in existing social networks (Facebook, etc.) there is no such option to show dreams and realize them. Dream Real is the first global social network in the world where people can share dreams and start fulfilling them. Dream Real has no competitors in its niche and audience can potentially reach 3+ billion people from 200+ countries.

Our mission:

  • To help all people to realize their dreams
  • To become better than Facebook!

For the first time in the world our social network is making people’s life better helping them to reveal their potential by pursuing their dreams and freedom as well as switching their focus from poor and boring life through communication in VR and computer games.

Conclusion: blockchain technology will turn around the market of social networks











Token and Roadmaps

1.5 billion of Dream (DR) tokens ERC20; one year after ICO any additional emission is impossible according to the smart contract
We follow the new Steemit strategy to limit the new issue of tokens to no more than 9.5% per year or we will probably not release any new tokens in order to be similar to bitcoin, the emission limitation strategy showed its efficiency in the crypto market and led to the growth of STEEM tokens by 700% in a few months.

PRESALE & ICO – 50%, reserve fund of tokens for rewards and crowdfunding - 20%, advisors - 8%, bounty - 2%, team - 20%

Available at PRESALE & ICO:
750 milions of tokens (50%)

09 July 2018 – 31 August 2018

Price at PRESALE:
12 000 DR = 1 ETH , bonus depending on the amount of purchase from 10 ETH

10 September 2018 – 31 December 2018

Price at ICO: 6 000 DR = 1 ETH

Goal: financing of project development
All unsold at ICO tokens will be destroyed according to the smart contract



What are you waiting to join on the blog and prepare to buy tokens?

the PRESALE will be opening on 9 July.
if you are interested in buying the token please let us know and stay connected.



If you like what i'm doing, please upvote me as your Witness here



am sure that next year, its gonna be "kabooom!!!"

keep going

@orcheva are you working on there social media dream-real.com?

Well my dream will be come true soon

i hope. What's your dream?

Continue my study in Wageningen University in Netherland. At least i can travel there and visit its University

@faraizky you can try there social media it's just like steemit platform?

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I think it's golden change to early work on this site huge potential on this project ? @yanosh01

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