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Steem Repo is going to the stars and with the help of Utopian on knowledge, innovation and technological advancement on the Steem Blockchain , we need more curators to help the project.

As explained different times Steem Repo is a Professional Curation Guild, with a lot of interest on undervalued contents.


Yesterday i spoke to @dj123 (one of the supporters of the @comedyopenmic project). He asked me what i'm doing exactly on Steem as Witness:

hi thanks to be here and to ask me what i'm doing as Witness.
I'm the creator of Steem Repo, a service for Rewarding Undervalued Content Creators on Steem.

What is Steemrepo?
Steem Repo is a Repository created as a container of the most important posts written on Steemit Platform.

Have you ever tried to find a good quality post older then a week?
Have you ever tried to find a good quality post written by someone and you don't remeber where to find it?

This is where STEEM REPO comes in.
At STEEM REPO, we choose the best quality posts, to be stored inside an online repository.
With STEEM REPO, quality posts can be stored and accessed even after seven days.

We are a profession curators Guild where we choose MANUALLY the best undervalued contents.

Tags where we operate are:

  • Art
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Food
  • Gaming
  • Health
  • Music
  • News
  • Photography
  • Science
  • Sport
  • Technology
  • Writing

About my development experience, i used it on my steemrepo discord server, to create some curation automatism with scripts...
Why i need help as witness? all my earning will be reinvested at steem repo and for steem repo users. We don't have so much money yet and we are doing our max delegating to @steemrepo.

Yes i need a witness vote as help to our project, but first of all we need delegators or supporters. Going into this direction we are receiving Utopian help on tags Science, Tech and innovation.
I think anyone want to see this project fly as i thought different months ago. People need help, your help.

I hope @berniesanders will give us a little help because he is helping a lot of witnesses projects offering upvotes.


Now returning to the Steem Repo Project we are still looking for curators (2nd level curators exactly).

Our process involve:

  • Supervisors (1st level curators)
  • 2nd level Curators
  • Reviewers


This are the process Rules:

1- Second level curators will find 1/2 max good quality daily contents
2- They will submit posts to the First Level Curators on a specific channel
3- If the first level notes that are good quality posts, they will go to upvote/comment with an automatic mechanism
4- Reviewer upload good quality post if they receive the "YES".


Our idea is to have:

  • 10 Supervisors
  • 10 2nd level curators
  • 5 Reviewers

But at the moment i'm writing we have:

  • 10 Supervisors
  • 3 2nd level curators
  • 2 Reviewers

All our Curators are at the same time delegators to help the project.


How can we choose curators?

1- Reputation on Steem is very important because give us the sense of your commitment here. A number around 50 would be cool
2- A said before we need people ready to delegate and for this reason we need users very present here and with SP to delegate (for the 2nd level curators we need at least 50SP)
3- To verify that second level curators write well, we will go through user profiles to view them


What the second level curators earn from this?

They will take an upvote around 15% by the account @steemrepo on ONE of their daily posts.
If you are interested, contact me on steem repo discord server
we are working hard to reward everyone and you will surely receive the right payment for this.


STEEM REPO Project is a Service brought to you by @yanosh01. Do not forget to support him as Witness clicking HERE



Extraordinary. You have worked hard to help us small fish. I am amazed at you.

very good, a great way for the development of steam repo.succesfull

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