Astrobot - The most profitable bot for minnows

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how many times have you used a Bid Bot without taking so much profits?

What is Astrobot?

Astrobot is a Bid Bot created for minnows. A bid Bot is an automatic system that split an upvote on all users inside a Bid Round. Every round ends after 2,4h because astrobot recharge and make an upvote with 100% vp to all users inside that bid.

Technical Details

Max Post Age: 5 days
Min Bid: 0,01 SBD
Accept: SBD
Bid Time: 100% every 2,4h
Comment: Yes


Astrobot upvote at 100% is now 0.12$

Example 1
User A send 0.01 to astrobot
User B send 0.02 to astrobot

User A will take 66.66% upvote
User B will take 33.33% upvote

Example 2
User A send 0.01 to astrobot
User B send 0.01 to astrobot

User A will take 50.00% upvote
User B will take 50.00% upvote

At the moment all users sending the minium Bid of 0.01$ take a profitable upvote as you can see by this screenshot


How to use it?

Select the amount you want to invest for a bid and transfer it to @astrobot
From: your steem username
To: astrobot
Amount: MIN 0.01$
MEMO: your post memo like this:


It's a Gesture o Pleasure if you upvote @yanosh01 as Witness



Thank you for your voting service.
Is it possible to off the comment option of Bots on post?

NO, the service is like it is!!!

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