Astrobot - A bid bot created to support minnows

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After one Month @astrobot helped a lot of minnows on their posts and he gave profitable votes more then 5%

This are some example of users sent the minium 0.01 SBD required to enter the bid

As you can see some users took around 10% they spent.

But let me explain what is atrobot and how service works:

What is Astrobot?

Astrobot is a Bid Bot created by WITNESS @yanosh01 for minnows
The most famous bots doesn't accept so low Min BID, instead @astrobot
1- upvote 100% is around 0,10 SBD.
2- If you are the only one into the BID you'll get the 100% upvote
3- Astrobot permit delegating Steem Power to Earn Daily Passive Income


Max Post Age: 5 days
Min Bid: 0,01 SBD
Accept: SBD
Bid Time: 100% every 2,4h
Comment: Yes

How it works?

Select the amount you want to invest for a bid and transfer it to @astrobot

From: your steem username
To: astrobot
Amount: MIN 0.01
MEMO: your post memo like this:


How to check if the bot is profitable?

Just simply check on the @yabapmatt site:



It's a Gesture o Pleasure if you upvote @yanosh01 as Witness



you have to wait the bid!! you will receive the upvote at the end of the bid

I sent you 0.01 SBD, 1 hour ago !! Thank

check your wallet, I sent something for you ..!! Thank

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how did you create your bot and can you give me all links to stuff i need to build one

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