SteemQuest (BETA) : You meet in a Tavern (part 2)

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Welcome! to SteemQuest a RPG based board game

[New Players]
SteemQuest is an ongoing and growing RPG world here on Steem. New players are always welcome. Players can come and go as they desire, just let us know when you are leaving (say you are taking an IRL 2 week vacation) we will make sure your character is somewhere safe until you return (or Thunk may just cover you with leaves on the side of the road)

If you are New and want to join just reply to any active post with a character. I will create you a character card and add you

Here are the current rules:

Here is the link to the character cards showing all your bright and shiny stuff:

Here is the link to the monster cards:

Welcome everyone. Our current party is:

@sidekickmatt - Character Quaid
@wren1221 - Character Thunk
@basilmarples - Character Gylfi 'IronDog' Glimbjorn [NEW PLAYER]

I will be posting a new turn every 48 hours to give players time to interact.

Our Story:

As Quaid and Thunk tell old war stories they turn to the newest member 'IronDog' to see his feelings.
As 'IronDog' is about to speak he slumps forward and starts to snore.

(Maybe his Drink was drugged ?)

As they are about to shake him awake a group of Frogmen enter the Tavern and take up a table in the corner. As they entered you could feel a tension in the air. It appears some of the Tavern patrons are not too happy seeing them in the bar.

You over hear some whispering
" 'Was better when they were on my plate....;"


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good to see you back. a have a question. a want to jone but using my second user @darklands a want to make a new character omars twin brother. can a level him up to 4?

Yes !
Just reply with name and stats.

Quaid stands up, "A round of drinks for these noble hunter-warrior Frog Men!" He will give a stern glance at anyone that looks like they are licking their chops at the sight of them.

Staring down the room Quaid gets the tavern back to talking among themselves.

Nudges Thunk "Is that, Omar?" I will go over to the Frog table. And I glance at the barkeep to make sure those drinks get here.

Thunk turns to where Quaid is looking. “Omar!! Come o’r here you old softy. I see yer still carrying that broken horn helm around on yer ‘ead. Come join us and tell this Iron Man some skeleton stories. I’m gonna go grab us another round”.

Thunk heads to the bar and soon returns with a full keg. Thunk pulls close a nearby table and sets the keg up filling tankards for all four. (So maybe a few got refilled twice before they were returned to the table)

Thunk looks strangely at Omar. “You doin’ sumthin’ different with your hair? Somethin’ looks different ‘bout you”

name: Grim /Dwarf level 4
skills: blacksmith, heal,swing through and dead-eye
(option to replacing swing through whit a new skill of cooking)
suggestion using food items in the world to make food to heal or buff.

strength: 7
mind: 2
personality: 2
attack: 3
equipment: battle axe ,Trowing axe

rolls for hearts: @rollthedice

back story: Grim is omers twin brother he is a "big bones" dwarf long red hair and beard, unlike omar grim is the smart one of the family. not saying he is smart but smarter. when the two brothers where young omar was out hunting goblinds while Grim was working in the blacksmith when omar got back from the hunts grim learned omar how to make cakes. Grim is also one of the few dwarfs out there ho know the skill of healing.
when omar left one year a go the local goblins took this as a signal to invade the clans territory. Girm has a message to omar to come back the help the clan push back the pesky Goblinds, Grim has no plan to return to the home he feels its his turn to have and adventure.

Grim is entering the Tavern

Cooking is now a new skill and you have it

ty :)

Shake shake shake, you roll the 6-sided die.

You rolled a 6.

Shake shake shake, you roll the 6-sided die.

You rolled a 6.

Shake shake shake, you roll the 6-sided die.

You rolled a 4.

Shake shake shake, you roll the 6-sided die.

You rolled a 4.

The old man is behind the bar with his arms crossed ......
Staring down the frogmen...
Omar wanders over to their table

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