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RE: SteemQuest Beta: The Black Market

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Frog Merchant:
“We just met, not going to give up my suppliers to just any one.

OOC: Your personality checks are so low.

As the merchant turns to help another customer. A well dressed Hafling becomes you over ... “I myself want to know how to get the ‘Bigger” Frog 🐸 Legs”
He goes on to tell you he has been working on this for many months and has discovered once a week an unmarked caravan leaves early in the morning and heads out the main gate. They return the following evening with the “special” FrogLegs but once they come back through the gate they disappear.


hello fellow short person. can you show me where its despairing?
hmm what it this. !search

You search the surrounding area and you find crate of frog legs

very mysterious a crate of frog legs at the frog legs merchant. better hide it in my pack before anybody sees it.

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