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RE: SteemQuest Beta: Thieves Guild (Part 1)

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Quaid: "This is all just a colossal misunderstanding. There's no need for those swords. We didn't mean to insult you and discover your secret base."
@rolld20 Personality!


Shake shake shake, you roll the 20-sided die.

You rolled a 7.

Meh. If it looks like a fight is going to start I'll spend 1 Mana and use my Move Fasters to jump towards the end of that short section of walk that goes over the water. I'll also look for something to hide behind or under... !search

You search the surrounding area and you find ticket to battle at the arena

"See we have tickets! To the battle arena, and we heard you talking about the battle arena so we can all be friends and go to the battle arena. (Hopeful "please don't stab me" smile)

The man with the long beard eyes the tickets.
‘Ah a betting man, who do you like in today’s fight ?’

Thunk tries to look tough and unassertive at the same time. He sets himself into a rather awkward pose half tough guy, half femenine. “The big guy has this fight. What’s the odds on the bet?

2 to 1..
Can you afford the buy in ?

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