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RE: SteemQuest Beta : The sewers (Part 5)

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Zur nervously watch Grim and Frienmir try to make friends and get info from this group of tunnel people..


Thunk whispers to Grim, “*ask him if he knows a shortcut to the Merchants Guild. Does he know this ‘new guys’ name?

Hello good sir. do you know the way to.....THUNK WHAT WAS THE QUESTION AGAIN?.....a yes good sir my friend do you know and shortcut to the Merchants Guild? @rolld20 Personality!

Shake shake shake, you roll the 20-sided die.

You rolled a 4.

Hmmm... we try to stay away. We stay a lot more to the shadows. The merchants guild operates above ground on the streets. Maybe you’ve seen some of the people at that tavern you were in.
But we could lead you through the sewers to the main merchants guild in town.

oo a wish my brother omar was here he was the sneak one in my family am more a cook then a thief. but my friend zur @agr8buzz he has a skill with a thieving potential and help you good folks down here. you have my ax. show us the way.

just one moment see if a can find some more coins !search

You search the surrounding area and you find ticket to battle at the arena

Frienmir whilst listening to Grim takes a quick look at their surroundings. !search

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