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RE: SteemQ - A Decentralized Video Platform for STEEM

in #steemq8 years ago

Absolutely! This is exactly what we need! I am so sick of YouTube's bullshit, they completely do not recognize "Fair Use" anymore and they demonetize anything they deem to be "non advertiser friendly" which is utter bs. If you actually launch this service I will upload all the videos I make for YouTube, my channel has almost 100 thousand views so far, to this service as well. I will also tell me my friends who all have bigger channels than me to switch over. Thanks and you definitely earned a follow for this one!


SURE, we need almost everything to be decentralized ... A New Concept Of Online Freedom.

Competition does wonders. Offer a better mousetrap than the one you have now, and people will voluntarily buy it.

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