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RE: SteemQ - A Decentralized Video Platform for STEEM

in #steemq8 years ago

Very cool project. I am excited to see it unfold. One question that you kind of touched on already - can you elaborate more on what will actually be stored on the Steem blockchain vs somewhere else? For everything that is not part of the Steem blockchain, how will it have the same protection against content being taken down?


IPFS hashes are permanent. As long as there is a node somewhere in the world hosting the content, it is there.
You could setup a node that hosts your own content, and this way even if everyone else deletes it, its still there :)

Having users host their own content is sub-optimal, and so an incentive structure will be created, whereas people hosting the content get paid.

The STEEM blockchain hosts the post itself, rewards and the IPFS multihash.


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