Teaser: Soon, you will be able to publish videos on Steem

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A prototype app will be released in the near future.

I am excited for a highly talented designer joining the project, so the app will look a lot better in due time.


Where will the videos be stored?

lol - They will not, demonetize us... they will not demonetize us... they will not...

Probably a storage blockchain like Storj or Sia, or even possibly Maidsafe.

3.81$ with 2 votes wtf
My post yesterday had 200+likes and only made .83cents

Steemit is a plutocracy. Rule by the wealthy. Look it up. Those with steem power determine what is 'worthy' content. This is the only aspect of steemit that I don't think is fair.

Yes 48hrs into steem i started to noticed

check steemd also some bots vote at 1% https://steemd.com/@deez

A big fish must have liked your content. Their opinions are worth more.

Yep, that's the central question, the only viable option now is probably IPFS (please correct me if I'm wrong), Sia is not ready (no public URLs for files you add to your wallet), Storj is centralized and just switching to ETH (e.g. not really stable), MAID is also still alpha, no storage layer yet afik, and also Ethereum Swarm is not ready yet...

I for one don't care how it looks, as long as it works!

Thats what she said ? lol

So Steemit.com will replace facebook, twitter, reddit; Steemqa will replace Youtube; Steepshot will replace Instagram. Looks like all of social media will be replaced soon!!

Through their censorship and political activities, they are sowing the seeds of their own demise. I won't shed a tear.

ya?....it wil replace....in 67 years. :)
Well, maybe sooner..... but dont expect this to happen in a decade

Youtube is what, 12 years old and Facebook is 14 years old. Decade is a plenty of time given that this is a community effort instead of corporate one. And day by day the issues of censhorship is growing. Perfect storm is brewing.

I expect it'll happen much sooner than that if it happens at all.

As long as the steemit stays as it is, with a clean, simple and no advertising interface okay! 😉

yes please.
no distractions from watching the material

Yup I have to agree there, I'm used to seeing normal pages and it's a bit shameful that most sites have to put up with shitty adds to support their revenue.

it has the opposite result of what they intended.

Not really just stimulating the making of adblockers :D to help us clean the net of trashy commercials, why can't we ditch the marketing methods so deeply rooted in TV, stay a sleep and buy shit :| we will feed you good ideas every 20 minutes :) Strange world it is, how about the SteemQ do you like the idea, will you vlog :D

Just tired of other entities having the power to censor whatever they think is dangerous, fake, or puts them in the spotlight

I hate that too. Facebook is getting very bad about that. I tried to post something related to bitcoin and the facebook algorithm denied my link as unsafe. I know for a fact the content was safe.

WOW! amazing!
i was sure u will be the guy who makes it :)

Awesome work @furion, thanks for building this! Youtube's days are numbered :)

Please, make it webm!

I will, but not in the first version. VP9 encoding and webm container format are pretty cool, however there is no general cross-platform native support yet, so for now it makes sense to keep things simple, and stick to H264.

If steemit.chat can handle it, I'm sure it wont take too long in this project :p

I would like to stick to a single format, to keep storage costs low. Thus, it makes sense to use formats that are natively supported by all devices OOTB. We are close though, very close.


For most video creators they're used to making videos with H.264. It's best to match what YouTubers are good at doing right now than improving and offering way more solutions in the future!

Well well well look at that.

I'm buying steem right now! This is also incredible because I can then upload guitar vids straight to steemit instead of going through youtube. Wicked as! :D

Thks for the info @furion. great to see how the project is moving. Please let us know if u need any support for this project. Upvoted!

HI, Looks promising, If you need a hand with the design I can help you, I'm a graphic designer :)
Or see you in a dota2 game haha

Keep It Simple Sally

he there :D, I'm a 3D person :D how is the graphic design going, are you up for collaborations and maybe projects over freelancer if we work together, as for the dota I'm pissed they made the league of dotas :| so I'm playing Path of Exile :D literally and figuratively :D which remind me I need to stop that and steem on again haha

Nice one furion! This will be yet another game changer!

Very cool. Resteemed.

Steem is taking over:
Instagram > @steepshot
Twitter > @zappl
Youtube > @steemq
ebay > ?
linkedin > ?

humm you already have me there :D well the idea is very easy in deed SteemIN :) for the investor an business peoples :D I copyright that :D and you can be the witness :)

There was a market for steem btw, you can check http://www.steemtools.com I wasn't impressed mostly overvalued in my mind

Many have been asking for this. You do not mention any time except near future. Are we talking about 1-6 months?

haa I'm a big fan of the "Soon,. ish" Release date :D let the developers develop they do what they can the way they can it's past the long haul since he did release some teaser :D so it will be 2-4 months until we get to "test" it out :) maybe there is even an alpha version already :D

Now we just need to get some of the big Youtubers to make the transition.... anyone have Casey Neistat's #?

Why not encourage homegrown talent? We have a few native vloggers here on steemit that I feel is more than capable of to take the reins.

I agree with that. Big Youtubers won't have time, and their demand for $$$ is much higher. Supporting homegrown and helping them up is always better.

I don't know if I'd consider myself big on YouTube but I'd be down to post some original content here! :)

Awesome! Sorry bout the little outtakes on Youtube celebs, it's just what we do around here lol..

And very well made videos.. great to have you onboard. I think the community would most appreciate linkbacks, vid description shoutouts, or even in video. For one, you can build and engage with your community around here (how awesome is it to be able to reward your most engaged subscriber?) and openly use the STEEM logo in your videos if you wish to (I've been openly using the STEEM logo for my music event posters just as a way to contribute back in other ways).

I've also sent emails to gabe newell about accepting Steem (they've been accepting bitcoin) and overhaul their games review section to allow for steem votes in the future. But I was just trying my luck more than anything. Steem and steam together is just too steemy. He never replied.

YouTube unfortunately doesn't play well with linking outside sites. If you do, you can kill traffic on your channel instantly since your video would be drawing traffic off YouTube. They seem to be okay with things like Patreon and crowdfunding sites (funding to support creators and further video development) but not very much else.

Just drawing some small chunk of traffic away from YouTube isn't a really great answer anyway because you'll end up having the viewers go back immediately. It's way more important to offer better and unique content on Steemit not found anywhere else.

their demand for $$$ is much higher.

not necessarily considering ad revenue has been decimated lately.

Maybe so.. but usually big ass youtubers come with some attitude and entitlement to deal with :)

That's true. Has been interesting watching their entitlement of that youtube money going down in flames. :p

haha any examples? i haven't been catching up..

Not on the PC right now, but its bad... videos being demonetized, advertisers pulling their ads from youtube and earnings literally being dumped. Check out Philip DeFranco's latest video.

Was the 2nd latest:


This certainly will be a game changer against #Youtube and other #video sites.

Great! Looking forward to it

I can't wait to see this coming up, wow! YouTube is going down the tube!!! All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Nice! I'm only a few days new to Steemit, but this sounds like great news! Seems I joined at the right time.

SteemIt might well replace all of Social Media.

...and the OGs, you and I and all the current Steemit community, become mega rich!!!

This is a bit harsh :D

Woop Wopp :D But it's short also even tho it mad me hate it in 10 seconds it still can be revisited :D Now for the Original :)

And I Feeeeeel, Nice :D

GREAT idea...call it SteemYou.

That, or YouSteem (play on YouTube).

I do kind of prefer your suggestion, though. SteemYou makes it sound more like a "you do you and display it for the world" goal. Not to mention, the flip of "you" in the title kind of suggests to me that it's YouTube's opposite -- a "rival tube" as it were ;)

I hope so sincerely this will be successful. One of my biggest wishes for the community. Youtube needs to die ... let the blockchain freedom om speech win !!!!

I'm really looking forward to seeing this get released! Thanks for making this :D I think it will be very good for the growth of Steem to have an application like this.

I've been waiting for this! Crazy! Game changer! Steem's price is going to skyrocket! Viva Steemit.


Meep is right my friend :) meep on.

thank you for sharing @furion , it's perfect timing ! awsome

How does it work? Are you storing the data on IPFS and only including root hashes in the Steem blockchain?

STEEMIT going for ALL_IN_ONE . This will crush existing comptetitors !! what will be next ,purchasing stuff like amazon on steem?¿?¿ Or even a steembay (ebay in steem lol) . No , but lets get serius everday passes im enjoying more Steem than other networks . Waiting like a kid before christmas for SteemQ.

Will it also be allowed to upload movies or videos which are not allowed or are censored by youtube?
And what will be the main differences between this and other video-channels?

I thought that you gave up on building this app. This is awesome news! Thanks for updating.

Price of steem will rocket after launch!!!!!
Very interesting feature... Infact it will be Game Changer!!!

With all its adds, YouTube is not profitable. I don't know if Steemit can maintain servers to deliver video in a big scale. Maybe some decentralized protocol like BitTorrent, with people being paid for storing and streaming video, is the way to go.

With the enormous reward you have earned here, do you think you could divert a little of it to here?
Steemit Legacy fund
I am not critical of your payout by the way - actually delighted for you!

Can people get early access?

Yes this is very much needed, thanks for the info, and hopefully I won't have to do this anymore:

Youtube links, please anyone let me know if you like it! This up coming app will save me time and I'll use only steem for my video's! And thanks furion, I'll follow and of course up vote your content!

Bye to youtube dictature

very cool, very interesting - be sure to inform of progress :)

This is exciting!! Look out world, Steemit is coming for you!

If youtubers think their getting crushed with dropping ad revenue now, just wait until this bully gets knocked down. It'll be like a mass exodus from youtube to Steem. We have to cut out the middle man that just wants to take profits off our hard work. Get'em

YouTube has had a number of issues that go beyond even ad revenue problems. Censorship and videos being outright blocked from viewers has been my number 1 concern. If I make a video I want my subscribers to know it exists and let them choose to watch it or not. Lately my viewers have been telling me they don't even get simple notifications telling them of new videos being released!

Nice, looking forward to it.

Wow, this will be awesome....bye bye YouTube.

hope this could be done ASAP! so we all can say YT byebye in a near future...

long live furion !! awesome ! you just gave me another reason to increase my mid & long term bag !!

Great news. Can you tell where will the videos be stored ?

Blockchain is the future of the internet and innovations such as this prove its value in mainstream social media! Can't wait

The price to $1 and now this. We are in for a wild ride! Perfect timing on the announcement

How are you going to host and stream the video?

My body is ready!!!

That is awesome!

YouTube is dead to us!

This is amazing news! Great way to bring Youtubers here :)

Looking forward for this!

Thanks for everything you do man.

Video , is quick to steam up/down a person's emotions, and therefore influencing a rapid interaction ,also bridge language barrier, Without comprising on currency bursting growth. Thats will advantageously shake the content available to evaluate and come to a crypto based decisions.

Finally will be here! I was dreaming on this for a long time, no more struggle with other 3rd parties websites.

Brilliant news

Natures Prophet FTW

Looking forward!

Will we be able to upload previously recorded videos or only videos recorded using the app?

Neat, can't wiait.

!!!!That's great news!!!!!


That is great news...bye bye Youtube...

what's this highly talented designer's name lemme BEARHUG him,he's making life easier for people and he doesn't know it yet....

Wonder if the mainstream fake media will ever do a report about Steemit?

Great news! Invest in this platform. It will become the alternative to YouTube.

How does steemit make money to pay out all of these upvotes? Looks like a pretty cool concept!

Cant wait for the app! It will be so much easier !!

Hi @furion glad to see SteemQ is still in play! you in steem.chat these days still ?

I will generally reply within 48 hours, as I only check my email for notifications once in a while.

Well, as a YouTube content creator, I can tell you that I know where I'll be storing my videos from now on -- the Steemit Blockchain!!!

I'm so excited for this, you guys can't even imagine.

Very good news!

Awesome! Can't Wait!

Can't wait for this!! With all the censorship these days, its time something was done...

Thank you for the info. I'm new here and I hate using youtube.

This is going to be better than sliced bread.

video kills the radio star, YT kills the video star, Steemit kills the YT-Star Yeah baby thats evolution. bye bye centralized systems, bye bye corrupt interventions, bye bye censorship. Youtube we will NOT miss you!

That is great news! I can't wait to try it!

Awesome prototype!! I was disappointed with Youtube, they banned my account without confirmation.

This is awesome news! You are doing great work for this platform.

I have just started here and I instantly prefer it over Use Tube. I will def put videos up here on the free web thankyou to the steem guys

Ahh be still my heart!

That would be so awsome =D

Thats the one i like thankyou

this is exactly what I like to see!

awesome! I am getting excited here!!

wow! Really looking forward to it!

Wow awesome, looking forward to your project, Love it !

This is going to be HUGE...cant wait to see SteemQ released

R.I.P YouTube.

Not to be "that guy" but 750$ for a screenshot seems a bit steep, no?

Nice to see the next youtube

I am looking forward and exixted to share videos i feel can help the steem community

Yes thats what i like .. i dont need youtube now to upload my video and paste here in steemit ..great job :)

Anyone else feeling the smell of future? fuck YouTube, Facebook and alike anti-freedom platforms! Just 5 minutes into steem and already in LOVE!!!

? Whats happening here why i saw a commentary saying bye bye youtube?

Waww fantastic, great job brother. Thank's for sharing :)) @furion i will upvote and follow you.

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