[SteemPunks] Important notice about Genesis Mint

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Hello Punks👋 Before launching SteemPunks, we would like to inform you about important thing that users need to know as follow.

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General Info


  • Website : https://www.steempunks.xyz/mint

  • Wen sir? : Today(Mar, 17) 21:00 KST (12:00 UTC+9)

  • Pack allocation : 1st round 100 packs / 2nd round 300 packs / 3rd round 500 packs

  • Price per round : 1st round 300 STEEM / 2nd round 400 STEEM / 3rd round 500 STEEM

  • Essentials : Steem Keychain (Chrome extension or Mobile app)

⚠️ The method of logging in by entering the PRIVATE KEY directly is not supported

✔️ How to install Steem Keychain?

Important notes regarding the start time of each round


We have added a time on minting page to avoid confusion.

📢 You guys can check the time remaining until the start time for each round.

📢 The page currently set to [NOT AVAILABLE] becomes active as soon as the start time comes(no need to refresh).

📢 Each round starts 20 MIN AFTER the end of the previous round.

  • If the allotted qty for 1st round is sold out, the timer will be activated after the sale ends.

  • When all timers run out, the button for mint will become active again.


📢 Whether or not minting was successful can be checked in the History tab at the bottom of the screen after about 3 to 5 min after confirming the transaction. (page refresh is required)

How to Open Packs


  • Open pack fuction will be activated after 2nd round ends.

  • If the pack purchase is successful, the quantity purchased will appear on the https://www.steempunks.xyz/openpack page.

  • Even if the purchase was successful in the 1st round, please wait til the end of 2nd round.

my nfts.png

  • After opening the pack, you can check it in MY NFTS tab that appears when you click your account in the upper right corner.

  • Initially, you can check the SteemPunks you own on the MY NFTS page, and only the transfer function to other account is supported.

  • @steem-punks' voting support start by calculating the rarity and number of cards you have even if you don't set it up after opening the pack.

  • However, please note that voting is supported only for accounts with 10 or more cards.

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