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RE: STEEMPUNK-NET Update No. 24 -- Bugfixes to dropping Algo - New Blockchain parser - New character class coming (English/German)

in #steempunknet3 years ago

This is quite an interesting thing you got going on here! I couldn't load it on chrome though, i downloaded it and then it wouldn't open. Then on Firefox it freezes pretty often. I also can't see al ot of text as the sidebar is covering things up and it seems that when i close it boxes dont show up.

i understand it takes a lot of work to make sure everything is perfect so great work so far, hope you can make it smoother!


Thanks for your comment.

Hmm, chrome maybe need a restart. the chrome has the peculiarity that it has not loaded the plugins correctly after installation.

and the profile have a small cache / performance problem right now. i work on it. since I can only work on it in my spare time at the moment everything unfortunately takes a little while.

Pretty awesome work though!