STEEMPUNK-NET - MMORPG on STEEM - Quick Overview Of The Game And How It Works

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I am one of the beta testers for @steempunknet and in this post I just want to briefly explain what this game is all about and how it works.  Keep in mind this is still in early stages of beta so there will be many more features and functionality added to this game.  I just want to provide more info and get more people interested in trying it out.


Basically in its current state it is a game that works in conjunction with the social network. Meaning that when you use on a daily basis you get experience and rewards for the character that you have created in the STEEMPUNK-NET game.

So as you upvote, create posts, reply to comments your character in the game gets experience and levels up.

Also as you browse and read posts on you can find treasure/loot that will help you advance your character.  They randomly appear on the page as shown below.

Another feature is you can duel against other users who have the game installed.  You just go to the blog page of another user and you can attack them.  The battle algorithm is automatic so you don't have to do anything, just wait and see if you won or lost the battle.

Fighting against other players levels up your character.   

How does it work?

Currently the way the game works is that it is just a plugin browser extension you have to download and enable.

For installation help and instructions join us on Discord here

The current latest version of the plugin can be downloaded here

Once you download it and enable it an icon will appear on the top right of your browser.

When you click on the icon select STEEMPUNK-NET and a menu will open.  Now you will have to use SteemConnect to login.  Put in your username and your MEMO private key on the screen below and sign in.

And that is it, you have created your STEEMPUNK-NET character.

In Summation

Basically if you like playing video games of any kind there is no reason why you should not join in on the fun.  Since you are already using this just adds another layer of social interaction with other steemit users.  This game is still in its infancy and there is much more to come, here you can read the latest plans from the developers

There will also be a lot of ideas provided by the beta testers to improve this game and make it a fun MMORPG.  In future posts I will definitely provide ideas to improve this game.  Thanks for reading hope to see you on the battle field so I can kick your ass ;p


Nice one @dksart a good overview on what this is all about I still haven't found any items at all I guess its only possible to find things on profiles that have the game installed ?

As far as I know the current algorithm for drops is random and can drop anywhere on but they did make the drops more frequent on so if you hang out there for a bit you should get a drop

I see thanks for the info @dksart

Now there is also a firefox version of this plugin available here

this was very helpful, thanks for creating this game that i am trying to figure out. hahahah I need to build up strength i guess before i battle someone..

Thanks for trying it out :)

great job putting this together ! thanks alot!

I, as someone who is not very game-savvy, can attest to the fact that a) it is a super-fun game, and b) the guys are extremely helpful, and patient in answering newbie questions ... lots of questions ... oddball questions .... lol

And .... Steempunk! What's not to love? :D

Awesome! I’ll give this a download when I’m back at my PC. Thanks!

haha I just attacked you :-)

ATTTTAAACKKKKKK!! lol Your probably gonna kill me ha

congratulations we would like to try

This looks like loads of fun and maybe even help in creating better posts.

Need an easy opponent? Challenge me to a duel. I am only level 2.

Best tutorial thanks!

Haha, that's me listed in that image there for coming fights. I think you definitely won that fight lol.

Awesome! Thanks for the detailed intro! Looking forward to doing battle when I level up a bit. For now, if you must challenge me, please... not the face.

Great job, thank you for playing the game and for your support.

Oh my goodness! I might actually switch to the chrome browser to check this out!

Any chance we can get this to work in Opera?

Thanks for posting this I might not have seen it!

not sure, maybe in the future, right now only on chrome...

I am trying it out now on chrome! I don't see anything different yet....

Hey, should I be seeing experience or something while I am commenting? I am not seeing anything change.... I think you attacked me but I'm still not sure what I'm doing! Still, I'm having fun!

currently your experience does not update real time, so yes as long as you have the plugin enabled and you are logged in and you are upvoting, commenting, posting eventually your experience progress bar will increase. The fights are not real time either, so when you attack someone the fight wont actually happen until an hour or two later. If you click on the history button on the bottom it shows you if you have any fights scheduled and if you have fought anyone. Also, you dont have to keep the window open on the right, you can close it with the X, the plugin still runs in the background

This is very informative thank you!

A-ha!!! You dirty Aristocrat! I've found you and I'm challenging you to a duel!

(please be gentle, haha - I got it to work and you're the first 'target' I've found :) )

Alright! I havent opened in a while, lets see how my experience is going!

I lost :(
But I am winning some now! I've got some loot :D

Pretty good introduction. I started to play the game yesterday. Thank you

O-M-G! I only found out about this just now, but this is an amazing idea! I'm so in! I love RPG's, I love Steemit and I love Steampunk.. bring it on!!!

I'm going to try and install this! Sucks that I have to switch browsers but it'll be worth it!!!

I'm very excited about this..
Maybe you heard of the recent excitement surrounding CryptoKitties on the Ethereum blockchain. Please do look into that.. it's a huge success. Maybe STEEMPUNKS could implement a similar 'pet/breeding' system too (but with cooler pets than just kitties!). I saw housing was planned, so why not?

Joined, finally :) Starting a new life now.

Ps: this only works with, don't it? Not with or any other steem frontend?

Currently yes, only works with

Hi I would love to use your addon, but I cant find it on Firefox. The website says I can use Chrome or Firefox. Any tips?

Currently it is only available for chrome

Extension not working on firefox...please make a video tutorial

When I click on extension in my chrome
following link opens.
I am reinstalling chrome to see if it helps...

Yeah, that is the link to the extension, click on add to chrome, once you add it to chrome go to this link
in chrome and you should see it as one of your extensions in chrome, make sure you dont have some sort of add/popup blocker or it may not work

nice one

but you should have sadi clearly that it is a very very early stage so people are not disappointed.

Potential is still huge so to speak ;)

thx for the explonation :)

i wondered how to start. didn't know that we have to login. may change the appearance of the login button?

Thank you for sharing! This feature is nice!

Thanks for this quick guide it looks like an amazing way to have some extra fun.

Yep, its a fun game you can play while browsing steemit... they should be coming out with an update sometime next month...

thank you soo much for these here

Thanks for this guide so much. It really helped. I got stuck trying to figure out how to play. They do need to simplify the things needed to be done to run it. I understand the read file url part, but maybe after you do that, the first time you go to steemit after that, it has a popup asking to enable it.

The button doesn't appear to even work ...

Which button...? They have been doing lots of updates recently so it may be just lag

You know ... I really should give the benefit of the doubt. You're right.

I have just installed it and still wonder how it works. Thanks for the post.

Only for Chrome? Whatever the add-on is doing, it cannot be achieved by using the standard -even Chrome can use them- WebExtensions?

That's bad.

pretty sure they're working on making it available in all mainstream browsers.

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