My Cute Puppy Named "Rocky"

in steemproof •  5 months ago

Good day Steemians!!!

Today is another one very amazing day because I am still alive and I really thank God for another day he give to me.

God was so good all the time and He is worthy to give thanks, praises and worship.

I want everyone of you to meet my cute puppy named "Rocky", he had grown already since I've posted that my dog gives birth for only one puppy few weeks ago and here is the post.

My new Puppy named Rocky

And now here he is:





He had grown so fast and very cute and I will till that he really loves to play with his mother since he has no sibling puppies...heheheheh

I really love this cute puppy and sometimes when I'm sad, when I saw him and sometimes plays with me he gives me comfort and happiness.

God Bless

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what a cute puppy!

I love the last photo rocky seems howling he's so adorable...

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