Morpheus Labs - Win $2500 USD worth Tokens

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Good Day Steemians!!!

I will share this amazing new opportunity for everyone of us just study first before entering the platform.

Here it is:

Morpheus Labs have to announce the launch of a unique SmartDrop program, in collaboration with Quarkchain!.
QuarkChain is a high-throughput blockchain that has recently launched it own testnet and has proved it can achieve millions of TPS.

Participants can win from $2500 to $25 from the Smartdrop campaign will be running from 6th March 2019 to 6th April 2019.

Here is the detailed breakup of rewards ranking:

op 10 — Receive $2500 USD worth of MITx

11–100 — Receive $1000 USD worth of MITx

101–500 — Receive $250 USD worth of MITx

501–2500 — Receive $50 USD worth of MITx

2501–10000 — Receive $25 USD worth of MITx

You need this do this task and Social Media to earn more points:

  • Twitter Campaign

  • Content Submission

  • Proof of Alliance Actions

  • Staking MITx and QKC

Sign Up Here

Just follow the instruction to get verified. Hurry Now !!!

God Bless!!!

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