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in steemprogress •  5 months ago

I'm nearly there! My #steemprogress is getting close to being at Reputation 50 before I have even been on the #steem blockchain for 100 days. Thanks for those upvotes everybody! Your help will push me over the finish line!

#zappl #steemit

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Keep going!! good work


Thanks for the encouragement, @dosdudes, and thanks for the 100% upvote too! 😋

[bump] XD

Not that I'll help much, repping up gets really hard after a while. Then again you might suddenly become insanely popular, in which case you won't have any trouble at all ;D


Thanks for the bump, @ryivhnn, and thanks for the 100% upvote too, @holoz0r! It all helps. 🤗

Way to go @trisquelwhare , You will be there any day now my friend , Best of luck to you! Have you tried Steemit World !? its so awesome for all your stats and more! where you can also check out anyone else's stats ! Mine currently shows that I just finally hit reputation 71 after many months ! Woot Woot , I should do a post, but I will wait untill it shows here on Steemit! ! and im about 66 voteing power! Heres the link :


Thanks for that Karen, and congratulations on achieving Level 71! That's quite something. I understand that it takes a lot longer to level up when you reach 50+ Rep. Oh, and I have Steemd, SteemWorld, and SteemStats all permanently loading on start whenever I load my web browser.

I was a bit let down by Steemd today though, as the transaction explorer has died on it. I hope they get that fixed soon.


Awesome thanks! glad you all ready know about steem world , I use it a lot !👍👍👍


It took me about 7 or 8 months if not longer to go from 69 to 70 ! But because the price of steem was high for a bit there and my posts were paying a lot more , its been about 4 months to go from 70 to 71 ! Butnit felt like I would be stuck on 69 forever!! lol!👍👍👍😂💕

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Congrats on this accomplishment. Keep pushing forward and keep Steeming.


Hey, thanks for the encouragement, @sumatranate, and thanks also for the 100% upvote. I appreciate them all!