Great work, I will surely recommend anyone to contact you if they are looking for good designers. I loved the design for PAL. it's so cool.

Thanks aziz! Hope more people start using my service . I think is really cheap price and I can give a good work! Btw pal design is beautiful <3

Nice to see that there are more and more options for using steem

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Excellent work. As I saw your work on @aid.venezuela, I assumed your graphic creation skills were good. Hope you can continue to pick up some work.

@zaxan, You are really talented and professional. We all know current situation of Venezuela, so hope that your efforts on Steem Blockchain will going to help you from this Economically Disastrous times. My good wishes are with you. Stay blessed.

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Thanks dear chire ♥ Hope more people start using my service and i can almost stay fine there in my country with my family ♥

Welcome and my best wishes are with you.

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