Finally, I’ve Got My Own Signature ..!!!

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Credit to @zord189...

Thank you @zord189 for your efforts..

I love this signature..

To all steemian,those who want to having own graphic signature,you all can contact him by click his post below.

Just follow the rules,and you can get your own signature...

Just click below for more information..

Who Am I??


  • lady lazy to write,but love to read. I’m not a blogger.
  • love my family and spend time with them.
  • love to hear music when I’m boring.
  • Photography is one of my hobby.
  • I fall in love with steemit as you all know it’s not a short term of platform that we need to cocentrate but it is a long journey to us.
  • Steemit doesn’t need money for you to start. Instead of facebook,instagram and twitter..I prefer this platform as my hobby. Believe me,when you in steemit...everything would change in your life.
  • Click hereto join me in this platform..!!!
  • member of #teammalaysia #teammalaysiasabah #steemxp

Come join us in #steemxp discord. click here to join us at discord

GIF credit to @bitrocker2020.




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Amazing signature, love it!


Amazing rights???
Thank you to @zord189 lorh...
Pandai dia buat..hahaa

Thank you for the shoutout @zamifara! I'm glad you like it :D


Ure Most welcome @zord189...☺️☺️☺️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Santik ohhhh


Bah,tggu apa lagi....
Jom la buat....hahahah

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Fuiyooo ... nice oo.


Kann...apa lg..jom laaa

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Hi @zamifara, nice to meet you and nice info


Hi @akbarrafs..!!
Thank you..!!

Very cool signature, @zamifara!


It’s very cool signature...
You can try this for your signature @oleg326756...