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Yes Please, put the kettle on and lets have a proper brew and then we can start a step by step guide to the new @yes-please curation trail.

Yes Please is a community based music group consisting of live radio shows,playlists, mixes and support to community members and have now started a curation trail to show further support within steemit. Following a curation trail means that you will automatically upvote each post that the trail upvotes, so by following the Yes Please Curation Trail,you will automatically upvote any posts that Yes Please upvotes, showing further support to the community. All are welcome to join and we will be upvoting high quality content whilst carrying out shows. Join the curation trail:

Step By Step Guide

  • Firsts things first make sure you have a cup of tea.
  • Go on to and click on Login/Resister in the top right corner.

  • You will now have the option to login using steemconnect.

  • Click Continue
  • You will need to add your user name and your private key, which can be found in your wallet, in the permissions section, you have to click show private key and then copy it.

  • Click Sign In
  • Now go to the left side menu and click on curation trail

  • Now scroll down the page and search for yes-please

  • Then once' yes-please' appears just click follow.
  • Now click on settings


  • The settings are entirely upto you, i have been told that you have low steem power then you should set the settings to 100% fixed voting weight as and set a limit on voting power of 90%. This stops you from losing your curation rewards. As you earn more sp than you can reduce the amount of voting power.


Fanbase allows you to follow someone and automatically upvote that user's posts.
  • Go back to the left side menu and click on fanbase

  • Then type in 'yes-please'

  • Now press follow
  • Its completely upto you how much weight you leave.
Check this post to see what i do with Yes Please Radio

Other music curation trails that i follow that support artists:

Feel free to join the Yes Please Discord for a chat and drop in any tracks:

Thank You for your support and lets grow together


Tea Man

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Most kewl and informative post here man, thanks also for adding subwav very much appreciated! :D


Thank You mate

@yes-please, I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

Thank you in advance!

Appreciate the mention very much Sean, great support and supporter for the musician @Tea-man


Thanks Adam :)

Godspeed to toe the Yes-Please now on Steemit! Brew on Tea The Man! :)

This is a great idea.. I love how you made it easy for people and are making use of the tools on Steemit to help grow the profile.. Thinking we should be doing the same thing for our project @hhtb of course, inspired by this post :)


Sorry missed this, did you start a trail?


Been using SteemAuto to set and follow the trail but we haven't done a post like this one to inform the community on how to follow it :)


you can use the pics and info for urs if you want,saves time, i will look for the trail now


I followed your trail :) Cheers


Amazing! That's much appreciated @tea-man :)