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RE: @Art-Venture traditional Art contest: “Seascape”. Win 50 Steem!

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It is a great idea! I think you are everyone's favorite magazine here at Steemit and that is a great support for them, it is also an amazing topic! I hope to do my participation and not be late! Good luck and greetings !.


Thank you Carmen for stopping by and I am glad to hear your supportive words. I remember myself how in early beginning I was looking for such contests and was very excited to take part in them. I hope people will show their interest. If there will not be too many entries we may extend the circle for another week :)

You're welcome dear! I'm glad to have found this, every time the Internet allows me to do it, I'll be harassing you XD. I have not done traditional drawings for some time, I bought some pastel chalk some time ago (I still do not know how to use them correctly) and that will be a good excuse to use them (I have to learn from you :)..).
Yes! the competitions are a good option before I used to participate in several also, as they are different topics I think it serves to experience various things and to know more about the community, I think that placing it two weeks would be incredible, but the participants would have more choice.

Now that I remember, I had a doubt. You have said that the theme * "Seascape", will be everything related to the sea, the beach, the boats, navigate. * My question is: and the bottom of the sailor also counts for the contest? ie fish, coral and others or just the top XD?

Yes, the creation can be anything about ocean, sea, on and under. I would be glad to see your ideas Carmen!

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