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Hello there. I am from Guangdong, China.
Today I am traveling to Hong Kong, China.
Hong Kong is not the first time to come. There is no word to come to Hong Kong to have a feeling of pleasure.
I went to Chengdu a few days ago and caught a cold. Yesterday has recovered,
After I am in good health, I will wait for me to go out and play.
Here is the new town. Come to the sea and come to Shenzhen, Guangdong.
I got up very early in the morning and went to the Huanggang Port to cross the border.
There is a place in Hong Kong called Wong Tai Sin Temple. Going to worship people a lot.
I came to my friends to come to Wong Tai Sin Temple. Many people worship early.
We are just coming for sightseeing. No tributes. Unfortunately, there is no pilgrimage.
Listen to the pilgrimage and bring people to say. The prayers here will be very well received by the gods.

Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin Estate, also known as the Twilight Garden, was built in 1945 and is one of Hong Kong's most famous temples. It is one of the most famous temples in Hong Kong.There are rumors that Wong Tai Sin is tied to the shackles and is "essential." The temple is mainly dedicated to the famous Chinese god Huang Chuping in the South Jin Dynasty. Confucius and Guanyin are also dedicated to Confucianism and Buddhism. Therefore, the integration of the three major religions is a major feature of Wong Tai Sin in Hong Kong.
The building is majestic and traditional, and is listed as a first-class historical building in Hong Kong. It is also the first Taoist temple in Hong Kong approved by the Hong Kong Government to hold a Taoist ceremony wedding ceremony and issue a marriage certificate.
The building is majestic and splendid, and is rich in traditional Chinese temple architecture. There is a special donation office here, you can brush Octopus, you can also donate in the
It is a famous temple in Hong Kong. It was built in 1921 and managed by the non-profit charity 啬色园, so it is also called Wong Tai Sin Temple. The temple is mainly dedicated to the famous Chinese god Huang Chuping in the Southern Jin Dynasty. Therefore, it should be regarded as a Taoist temple. However, there are also gods such as Confucius and Guanyin who are dedicated to Confucianism and Buddhism. Therefore, the integration of the three religions is a major feature of Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong.
香港黄大仙恏亦称暮光花园,建于1945年,是香港最着名的寺庙之一。 它是香港最着名的寺庙之一。
祠内供奉着的黄大仙相传“有求必应”。 庙宇主要供奉东晋时南中国道教著名神祇黄初平,另亦有供奉儒、释两教的神祇如孔子、观音等,故三教融合为香港黄大仙祠一大特色。


I don't like too noisy places. I like the broad view.
Like a strange place. Strangers because they won't bother me.
I can just walk away, I want to see it, I am not restrained. I will not tell who I am going to.
Who is a bustling city in Hong Kong. In the crowd. No one cares about you.
I really like this feeling. Will not live in a place for a long time.
So travel has come to my life.

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