Purple Sky - [Lightning Photography]

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Good day guys!

As the end of the rain season (Thailand) is near, the sky shows it's pure beauty for a couple of days. I'm always super exited during October and almost daily waiting patiently on my balcony for the sky to shine.
Yesterday It started with a small strom and some rain. Nothing to special first but I knew there was more in the sky on that day and I was right. I somehow felt it by the crazy humidity in the air.
I was sitting for about 2 hours on my balcony to watch this spectacular event of pure beauty in the sky. Of course, I also took a bunch of pictures! I'm not really an expert for Long Exposure photography but I'm quite happy with some of the captures :))


CameraLensApertureISOShutter S.F-Stop
Nikon D750Tamron 24-70mm G2 F2.8F11-5030" sec29mm



CameraLensApertureISOShutter S.F-Stop
Nikon D750Tamron 24-70mm G2 F2.8F11-5030" sec29mm


It's crazy when you see the actual colors of the lightning with Long Exposure photography.
I was also lucky that the sky was pretty cloudy so the photos had an even more "epic?! :D" look.


CameraLensApertureISOShutter S.F-Stop
Nikon D750Tamron 24-70mm G2 F2.8F10-5030" sec31mm



CameraLensApertureISOShutter S.F-Stop
Nikon D750Tamron 24-70mm G2 F2.8F10-5030" sec31mm

Maybe I'm lucky and can enjoy another show tonight ;)
Thanks for stopping by!
Wishing you all a great start into the new week :))

ThailandChonburiOct. 2019

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Whoa! What a start in the week! Thank you so much @curie & curators !! :))

hey dear @worldcapture, your photos are absolutely fantastic! that deep purple color (which among my favorite colors) gives such a sense of drama to the sky. and by contrast the nature explodes so brilliantly through lightning, I love nature that is unleashed and makes its energy felt !! congratulations for your work and for the curie vote

Hey @road2horizon - Thanks for your comment :)) It was indeed something very beautiful :))

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Thank you :))

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Thanks! :))

WOW..They are superb shots almost all look very spiritual i have never done any Long Exposure photography looking at them i must try it some day 👍

Thanks buddy! Yeah you def have to try it out! All you need is a Tripod :D

And i should be doing i have the best views from my balcony and my apartment rooftop.

I'm looking forward for it! But don't take to much time .- The rain season will be over soon :D

Haha...will do my best need find a Tripod first...lol 😎

Just wow...brilliant click

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Thanks :))

Wow! This is totally an awesome shot, Chris!!! You are indeed very talented! Amazing! I am dumbstruck.

Though lightning is somewhat scary, but I am in awe with it at the same time. Hahaha! Weird. 😁😂

Thanks for this! ⚡⚡⚡

Thank you so much @gingbabida ! :))

Well you are right, it can be frightening but is at the same time something very natural and also beautiful in my eyes :D Thanks! :))

Hope you have a great day :))

Hahaha! Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way.

By the way, congratulations for your Curie upvote. I'm happy that your work is noticed! 😍😊

Thanks a lot!! :)) It was a great suprise for me as well :))

Yeah, it's always a pleasant surprise to be curated by Curie! Hahaha! 😁👍

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Cheers! :))

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Thank you :))

Hello Hello!

WOOOOOOOOW !! I have never seen such a beautiful sky in person, the best thing is that it is strange although also in Venezuela, Maracaibo had the habit of happening those purple lightning although I could never get to observe them :(

Greetings from Venezuela

Yesss, well to see the beautiful colors is pretty hard to see just from looking at it by the eye. It needs a long exposure photo to see the real beauty I believe.

Greetings from Thailand

These photographs are spectacular. The purple color of the sky is epic. You made great shots. Thanks for sharing, I am very surprised !! A big hello @worldcapture

Indeed :)) I'm so happy for this time of the year to capture those beautiful lightnings :))

Magnificence of God ...
The creation praising its creator.
These images inspire me only the desire to THANK YOU!
Congratulations on a Curie vote!

Thank you :))

Great shots! I haven't seen lightning here for so long.. I hope you will be lucky tonight as well :)

Have a lovely day!

Thank you :)) Same to you :))

Super cool lightning shots!

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Thanks a ton for the support Ivan & Curie Team. I really appreciate it :))

Hope you have a great day!

You're very welcome, hope you have a nice one as well!