we are proud to announce English version of WhereIN, is finally here! | WhereIN有英文版啦!

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For the longest midnight oil we burnt, for the effort we have put in to, and finally we are proud to announce English version of WhereIN, is finally here! Welcome to our WhereIN family.

It’s been more than half a year of struggle, we’ve been working on different challenges. That including our core business has been facing their own challenges, so happened during that time mainland China firewall has been enforced upon Steemit and Steem API, as a result, even logging into any platform would be difficult for users in China. That is one of the main focus that point of time, to ensure everybody be able to use Steem via WhereIN.

Here is a little bit of something behind the scene. We have been using Flutter for IOS and Android development. To our surprise, Flutter was never easy as we thought, it took us months to master the art of coding with Flutter, at the same time we have also developed SteemKillers, in order to put this game into our Steem eco-system, which originally supposed to bring in investors via the game, but due to current hurdle, this has not been doing too well as at now.

Further to our development, we have also trying to improve WhereIN user’s experience, in terms of user interface, crypto transfers view internal wallet function, register and or login with mobile number, personal preference, switching between Steem and SBD, Resource Credit and Voting Power indicators, effective comment editor and voting function. These some of the system enhancement we did in the English version for the past two months, I dare not say this is all, it’s only tip of the ice burg. On top of that, we would also like to introduce some of the latest function:

1.Following phone default language upon installation
In the beginning of 2019, there’s been demand of English version of WhereIN, and finally it is here. The current revision of WhereIN is able to recognize your mobile phone’s default language and installed with the default langauge for your convenience. If your phone is defaulted in Chinese language, upon complete installation, WhereIN is defaulted in Chinese.

We have included GPS location settings for your convenience to clock in your visited location if you wish to. For example, if you’re at a place having a wonderful dinner, and you would like to share the location to your friends, you can immediately make a post and tick on the Choose Location and your post will be automatically locked with a GPS location for the convenience of future reference.

2.Introduce QR code and scanner function
As we all know, QR code has been widely accepted in mainland China. Regardless where you go, SCAN and you will get the service. Be it riding a bike, scan. Make payment, scan. Make friends, scan. In this revision we have also included QR scanner and code generator for your ease of scanning and sharing among your friends. We will be continuously improve this part of the function, if you have any problem, feel free to drop us a line and we shall work together and improve the system in a positive manner.

3.Ability to select API nodes and to make usre of thrid party browsing app
We have also included the ability to choose nodes to be connected to, so you can post via your most favorite node with all the efficiency you want. At the same time, we also provide you with choice of different browser for your convenience to browse post from other initiative.

4.Simple yet comprehensive wallet function
Previously, before our official release, we have already included many different kind of wallet convenient for our beta tester. Now, our skill and technology came to maturity, tiny little things like redeem rewards at the profile screen makes a lot of different in terms of usage convenience. Tap on the wallet and you will be able to send STEEM/SBD with remarks to your recipient as well.

With this, we would like to conclude our introductory of our English version of WhereIN App. We promise you, this is not all we got. We will be looking forward to bring STEEM to mainland China, at the same time we will be building a strong community and use case at the same time. By the time SMT came, we will be ready. Other communities who are interested in collaboration, feel free to reach out. We are very approachable and would like to lend a helping hand when the stipulated request is within our strenght.

WhereIN Dapp:http://www.wherein.io



这半年多,我们经历了比较多的困难,首先团队其他业务发展不顺,WhereIN项目组人员有较大的缩减。雪上加霜的是,steemit、steem api被禁,登录方式变更,我们首先保证了大家能正常使用WhereIN。


接下来,我们埋头优化WhereIN 安卓版,着手设计新的UI、支持Steem转账、手机号注册登录、个人信息更改、币种切换、更好地点赞&评论、rc&vp的查看、多标签发帖等等。近两个月,我们努力解决英文版的问题,今天我们终于给大家带来了一个好消息。这一版,我们主要更新以下功能:












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Hello this excellent new update, do you have any discord or any contact? I would like to help by translating the platform into Spanish

I am very happy to hear this.Looking forward to your information.And my discord is iguazi123#7670

this app looks amazing

Thank you!Welcome to give us more advice

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You're buying witness votes?

We didn't buy it. The guys in the community bought it for us

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Good app and thanks information

Thanks! I'm very happy that you recognize us

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steem press nice post
Thank you!! @sahmed123
please # Upvot&Follow ME!

@wherein keep it up-you can do alot more ...looking forward for your new achievements

Thanks !We will work hard, China's policy is so good, I believe we will have good news soon

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hi wherein! just delegated again some SP to your project.
Just have 3 questions:

  1. do you still vote for your drlegators post daily 1x?
  2. when we can see our early bird token ballance?
  3. is there still a early bird token reward for delegators?

来自于 [WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Thank you very much! Of course it have upvite per day. The token will be online after the SMTs release. Our cnstm will report the distribution of tokens every day.

great thx
do you mean the cnstm account will report the early bird tokens? am i saw it good right now they didnt made it? sorry for the lot of questions just i wanna know😊

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what is the difference with Chinese version? we still.can post whatever we like, right?

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Everything is the same except the language. yes,you can post whatever you like.

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Great work

Thank you for your support

@wherein that's quite good achievement...thankyou for sharing this ...we just need motivation like this.

Thank you!We try our best to do what we can and expect more people to join us.

Big news! considering to delegate again =D

Thank you very much!


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good news!!

Thank you very much.

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Excellent news thanks for the update 👍

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Thank you too! We will continue to work hard to promote Steem in China.

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The current revision of WhereIN is able to recognize your mobile phone’s default language and installed with the default langauge for your convenience.

My mobile phone's default language is English but still wherein is downloaded in Chinese version. Tried 5 times.

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After you download, you can open it and log in.If there is any problem, you can send a screenshot to me.
My discord is iguazi123#7670

Maybe you phone is iphone?For now only Android is supported, and IOS needs to wait

来自于 [WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Nope, I am using android.

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Could you take a picture? Our phones are all Ok's. Maybe there's something wrong

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Just tried again and failed again. @wherein

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Maybe it's an open screen page. We didn't turn the slogan into English. You can go to the second page

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Thank you very much!

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Just curious, will there be a token or an incentives for people who delegate or have delegated to Wherein? Thanks!

How do i change language to English??


You can change your mobile phone system language, WhereIN automatically with the mobile phone system language to adapt in both Chinese and English.

来自于 [WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

But for now only Android is supported, and IOS needs to wait

来自于 [WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

i am a andriod user and my language is default to english. i reinstalled twice and still the same language.

I am sorry for hear it.We'll check it right away

来自于 [WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Open screen page, we did not turn it into English, you can go to the second page to see .

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Good posts

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Thank you!

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I was waiting for this update long time ago. I downloaded the app before and i was trying to understand it but now finally it is here.
Great job guys!

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Thank you! Give us more advice and make steem better together

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Is it possible to check the early bird token amount?

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That's awesome boyz, will try it out :D

Look forward to your test

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Crazy! I just quitted insta because of the non sense posting bots! This is a great alternative, thanks

Good posts! I will try it out

great site

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How i use.first time i knew about it

You can download it inwherein.io and use it when installed

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Well done!

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Thank you! We will continue to work hard

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Good news

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Thank you!

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This is really great news - love seeing developments like this. Thank you for sharing this post with us!

Thank you very much for your support. Community support allows us to go to the present and will continue to inspire us to go on.

Tub Cat looks upon your self voting of comments with disdain. You are a poor example of a human, Joe. And a highly unwashed example of a human at that.

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