That's It! Borneo Blockchain Summit 2018 Ends in Success!

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After a lot of hard work and planning, I am happy to say that the Borneo Blockchain Summit event which happened last Saturday, was a roaring success! Held at the University Malaysia Sabah (UMS), the event was attended by over 200 individuals who are keen to learn what blockchain is all about.

A brief introduction about Borneo Blockchain Summit.

Borneo Blockchain Summit is a two days event (1st Day as Main Event, 2nd Day as optional for a networking session)that focuses to bring forth blockchain educational content to the public. We realized that there has not been a proper blockchain conference done yet in Borneo. Numerous blockchain events done was organized by a lot of MLM companies trying to promote “investment opportunities” hence the focus on Borneo Blockchain is creating awareness and understanding of the technology to integrate blockchain for good governance, and more importantly how the use of blockchain can impact your business and your daily lives.

07th September 2018 (The day before the event)

All the volunteers head to the venue for a quick dry run. After getting briefed about our roles, @veenang took some of us (the registration team) to check our registration counter on the ground floor. Since we are not allowed to set up our registration table before the event, all of us agreed that we should come as early as possible on the day itself to make sure everything is in order.


Getting briefed by @danieldoughty about the programmes


Everybody left the place when it is almost dinner time. Instead of going back home, we headed to The Box Bar in Lintas for an ice-breaking session with the speakers.

Everyone is comfortably interact with each other. Photo by @bboyady

08th September 2018 (Event Day)

All the volunteers arrived early at the venue to make sure the necessary arrangements are to be completed before the event begins. Some of us head up straight to the hall to make sure everything is working and in order (microphones, slides, air-condition, etc) before the arrival of the participants.

Together with @gelfire, @verasj, @joannewong, @zamifara, @kilathecla, @celo769 @lizachongare and myself, all of us are responsible for registering the participants. It took us less than 10 minutes to set up two tables for the registration.

The registration supposed to start at 08:00 am. However, some of the participants arrived way earlier than that. Lucky for us, we had prepared before they arrived 😊. Since the hall is not opened yet, the rest of the volunteers ushered the participants to a tent nearby where they can have a cup of hot coffee or tea, mingles and build a network with the rest of the participants.

We are so blessed that the Assistant Minister of Education & Innovation, YB Jenifer Lasimbang made her appearance at our event. And thanks to @kilathecla, we managed to get a group we-fie with her before she leaves to the event hall.

The registration counter remained open until the tea break. Since we missed the first session, we are so excited that we could finally join the rest in the hall and listened to the rest of the speakers.

@bitrocker2020 (Malaysian Accelerator Hub on Steem) talks about the impact of steem blockchain globally

Mr. Anthony Davie (Group CEO of Invech Malaysia) talks about blockchain nation

Our first panel session with the speakers after lunch.

Ms. Pandu Sastrowardoyo talks about understanding tokenomics 101

Mr. Luke Jones (the CEO of Fortifex) talks about how to protect our crypto assets and signs of an ICO scam


Mr. Chan Wei Chee from Sinegy shared with us about fundraising thru an ICO process and what it takes to succeed.

Second and final panel session with the rest of the speakers.

Borneo Blockchain Summit ended with success. We are hoping the participants are able to learn something valuable that day. Especially this entire event is all about educating and giving self-awareness about cryptos and blockchain technology.

From the UMS, we headed straight to D'Place Kinabalu - a restaurant that serves authentic local traditional cuisine at Shell Plaza, Kota Kinabalu for our dinner.



Everyone really enjoyed their food had an amazing experience trying the local ethnic cuisine. Some of them even trying to eat the 'butod' - sago worm 😂.

Some of them even got the chance to try the bamboo dance and the blowpipe. It was really fun and entertaining night despite the tiredness. At least tired in an enjoyable way. Haha.

And that's how our first-day event ended.

The next day will be an exciting getaway trip to the island with the speakers and some of the volunteers. I will write about it in my next post.

And before I place a full stop, I would like to take a moment to thank all of the wonderful volunteers who devote their personal time and contributing to such a successful event. 😘😘. You guys are the best.

The amazing team. First row (from left) @angeljames, @joannewong, @bboyady, @viverridae, @gelfire, @melindajamulis & @nickychu Second row (from left) @arwine, @lizachong, @zamifara, @nytrie, @celo769, @verasj, @kilathecla, @audreyclaire & @veenang Third row (from left) @daryljones, @bitrocker2020, @awesomianist, @danieldoughty, @aaronleang, @alvinauh & @beverlyjoe



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