Steemit Bootcamp - An Introduction Of Steemit

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It's been almost a month after the Borneo Blockchain Summit event was held. Since there are quite numbers of people who are interested to find out more about Steemit, we've (@steemxp) decided to do a follow-up 'get-to-know' Steemit. It is our main focus to provide an assistance and guidance to all new authors and help them to obtain a great experience in the Steem blockchain hence organized the Steemit Bootcamp - An Introduction of Steemit to the newcomers.

@bboyady explaining what is Steemit all about

But before that, a big shout out and thank you to @veenang for lending his office for the Bootcamp. We truly appreciate it.

The Bootcamp started at 07:30 pm and our @steemxp Kota Kinabalu Chapter Manager, @bboyady started with his slides presentation. He explained what is Steemit, the advantages, steem applications, do's and don'ts, the importance of support and engaging with other steemians and many more.

@alvinauh starts next and talks more about creating content. I managed to take a video of him presenting his slides but unfortunately, it was not a full video. Had to trim it and make it shorter due to a small 'incident' I had during the talk. 😝

We've added a Q & A session at the end of the presentation and everyone keeps throwing questions at the presenters! It is good to see all the newcomers are excited and eager to know more about this wonderful platform. We even shared a news with all of them about the possibility of a masterclass here in Kota Kinabalu and surprisingly, few of them are excited and can't wait to sign up for it!

Kudos to all the presenter that night for a fantastic job and I believed everyone had a great time. We really hope the newcomers find this Bootcamp is helpful and all the given guides are useful.

To find out more about SteemXP, check out their website here or you can join their discord group here and be part of the community.




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Thank you for the photos and I still need a lot practice. Lol

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No worries @bboyady. You did well. As a matter of fact, I believe everyone needs a practice. Would love to do my own presentation one day. If I have the guts. Hahaha


Next one invite you to present too. Haha

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Kudos to all of you in promoting Steemit. Sarawak seems to be lagging behind Sabah.

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Thank you @positivesteem. Perhaps, in the future, both Sabah and Sarawak can come together and promote Steemit throughout Borneo. That would be awesome.

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