What should I do if my son is left-handed?

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When children are in full growth they do not have a well-defined laterality, and for that reason they can use both hands, something that is positive for their development, since they would be working their two cerebral hemispheres. But as they grow they define what their predominant side will be. From 3 or 4 years old, they see how they prefer one side over the other.

Most people are born right-handed, but there is a percentage of left-handed people, who are surrounded by different beliefs, as they are more creative, emotional, or sometimes tend to be criticized by others, since it is not common to see left-handed children and stereotypes are created. The reason for choosing one side or the other is because we develop the laterality of one of our cerebral hemispheres in a greater way. But in the end there are no big differences between a left-handed person or a right-handed person.


How to detect the child's left hand.

Being surdo means that there is a greater degree of mastery of the right side of the brain. It is important to emphasize that being left-handed is not a disease, much less a health problem, but it is a characteristic that can not be and should not be corrected in children much less by social classes or stereotypes.

  • You should observe the hand with which your child eats, since when they begin to eat it tends to grab the cutlery with the side of greater comfort.
  • When you are playing with your child to the ball, you can see which side throws or kicks the ball, if he uses his right or left.
  • When children grow up, they like to draw or scratch in notebooks, this is a way of knowing how the child tends to write. This attitude will be decisive in knowing the tendency of children's laterality.
  • You can perform different activities to know which side you tend to listen to more, which hand you use to perform your daily tasks, or with which leg you kick.


Left-handed children, living in a world that is mostly right-handed.

The child does not decide to be left-handed or right-handed, experts confirm that this is determined from the moment he is born, which is why the domain of the hand can not be changed. The right hand controls the left hand and the left hand the right hand, which is why a child can not be forced to use his right hand to perform his activities.

If a child is forced to use the weaker hand, it can generate unpleasant consequences in the development of the child, since it will make him feel an abnormal, different person creating fears in his personality, turning him into a clumsy, insecure, withdrawn child and not sociable. The main thing will be to educate the child in a world where everything is mostly made for right-handed people.


It is important that parents do not see the fact that their child is left-handed as a problem, nor should they allow them to be treated differently. Instead they must explain to the children the characteristic they possess, and that it is not abnormal for some to be born with that condition since it is not an impediment for them to enjoy their life with naturalness.

Schools, jobs and shops should be adapted to left-handed children and not only have teams that work in right-handed people, everyone should be inclusive and not exclusive, as this feature does not affect anyone, it is time that we create awareness in people and inculcate values, love and equality between children and people. We must make the world a better place for everyone.


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I played a lot of tennis in my younger days, hated playing against a leftie... but I've had and still have many left-handed friends and have often been envious of them in a small way because they are left handed. Nothing wrong with being left handed! :)