OMG! Something burning

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Last week I went for a Mooncake class with @kilathecla. The class was a relaxing and simple one that once you see the instruction, you definitely can make it on your own.

So, today I practice what I've learn. I followed the instruction to make the Black Bean paste into a shape of a ball and made the dough exactly what it says in the instruction.

Yeah...I did it all, step by step. When it comes to putting the cakes inside the oven, I set the timer to ten minutes. Then I made another batch for the Pandan Paste. I repeat the process just like I've done with the Black Bean paste.

Suddenly, I smell something burns and my OMG!!... My Moon Cake burn!.😭😭. I forgot to adjust the oven temperature. There goes my twenty four pieces of Mooncakes which I made carefully one by one.

Black burn Moon Cake anyone? Luckily, I didn't burn the second batch.

Lesson No. 1, always check the oven temperature before you bake!

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amaaa... ko men game tu kan. gambar mana gambar


Tiada oven powerful pisik macam ko..😂

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First time in my life I see burn mooncake tapi siok oh kamu kan pergi belajar buat mooncake!


😃 hahaha I notice in steemit mostly they post on the perfect food saja. So I post this.. sebab sakit hati bah.. You also can learn youtube mah..😁

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Ya bah, betul juga. biasanya all nice and perfect food. Bagus juga lah got burn mooncake. Memang sakit hati. Got 1 time I bake biscuit, all hangus ba then kena buang all. First time. hehe