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RE: Steempress January update: Community blog, google login, profile settings page and more!

in #steempress4 years ago

Any plans to improve comment display? Or make them more easily modifiable into WP themes so I don't have two comment boxes showing? It seems they appear at the end of posts now which is kind of odd.

Why not have it replace the WP comments like Disqus does?


The goal is indeed to be a complete substitute for any other comment section. Some users still prefer to keep their normal WordPress comments in order to get the emails from commentators to their email list (we're working on a solution for this).

But you can already let our comment section replace the old one by disabling it while enabling ours. Does your blog still include both?

Yeah I have SP comments removed now. I was having trouble figuring out how to move them and get them to play nicely w my theme.

Any way you could help me with this? I'm using Disqus right now, but I'd like to use SP if possible.

You can see how my comments are currently displayed there.

You can already disable the wp comments and have the steempress comments be the only comment souce.

Yeah. But it displays in the post and looks wonky

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