To Edit is Divine | 50 Word Story

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"Did you even read this before you darkened my door with it?" The editor glared.
The humble writer blanched. "I can do better."
"You're giving us a bad name. This magazine is quality, dammit. We aren't...bloggers."
"Forgive me. I'll edit. I promise."
The editor nodded. "Then get to it."

This is my entry for @jayna‘s awesome 50 Word Story Challenge this week. The prompt this week is “forgive.”


Image courtesy of pixabay.

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Nice take on the prompt! Darned editors. Who needs them? 😆

Great story, @thinknzombie.
Editing can be a darn bad habit. I've become quite anal retentive after so much editing to get the right number of words (thank you, @jayna). :)
I think i've been editing my dreams.
I just edited this comment, darn it!


Editing 50 word stories really does make you think. Every word choice counts. But yeah, it does tend to drive me crazy. ;-)