"I safeguard a rebalancing of forces" : Barbara Pompili

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Possibility for the administration of the National Assembly, the environmentalist of the Somme Barbara Pompili (LREM) is directing a barrage.

The following leader of the National Assembly is among these four names: Richard Ferrand , Cendra Motin, Barbara Pompili and Philippe Folliot . On the off chance that Richard Ferrand, current leader of the lion's share amass in the Assembly, is a most loved applicant of the Elysee, the real appointment of Barbara Pompili could change the circumstance. The Member of the Somme who was Secretary of State for Biodiversity under François Hollandecampaigning with contentions that appear to hit the hearts of walkers. The selection of the official competitor of the larger part - accordingly of the following leader of the Assembly - will occur Monday in Tours, amid the class of return parliamentary composed by the walkers. The serious vote in the Chamber will occur on Wednesday 12 September. Meeting.

Point : Why this application?

Barbara Pompili:We need to reconnect with the elements of the presidential crusade, to break the biased based impediments, to shine a different light on our activity ... I got numerous calls from my partners, from individuals who battled with me. This application was not arranged, but rather it is a chance to seize in a troublesome time! On the off chance that I am chosen, I will put the basic of nature in broad daylight arrangement, since environment must water open approaches and common society. Then again, I decline to be a picture, however a lady's promotion to this level of obligation would be a solid flag. I am likewise pushing a rebalancing of forces with the goal that Parliament has more space in the general population banter. When I hear a part say "no utilization",

Do you consider that the sacred change propelled by the President of the Republic meets this objective?

I tabled corrections to fortify Parliament's weight, yet for me this sacred change is going the correct way. It gives a decent establishment to viable parliamentary work. It requires excessively investment to administer, we can enhance that.

Would it be a good idea for you to decipher your appointment as a contradiction?

Surely not. In the event that running for race is a contradiction, at that point don't hold a decision! The guideline of a race is that there are a few hopefuls no? MPs will pick the alternative that appears to be best to them. What's more, I need to trust that this decision, whatever the outcome, will fortify us. Our qualities are the same, it is essentially an issue of who is generally helpful. I am not a hopeful against anybody, I just try to serve our qualities better and majority rule government is the most ideal approach to join a gathering.

Do you regard your conceivable triumph?

This is a mystery tally in a first-past-the-post framework. I got bolster from Laurianne Rossi, Matthieu Orphelin, François-Michel Lambert, Olga Givernet and I keep on receiving from all sides. I read the extremely solid desires for some chose and my office, in a time of addressing, for example, we are experiencing, is a chance to recollect that popular government works.

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