Avenues to rationalize the payment of social benefits

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On Wednesday evening, Édouard Philippe received two reports supposed to explain how to better fight against poverty while reducing public spending.

The administration is getting ready to show, on September 13, its intend to battle against destitution . The hotly anticipated declarations, which were expected in June, had been put off until September, giving the official time to settle on its ultimate conclusions.

It is in this setting Édouard Philippe got, this Wednesday evening, at 18 hours, two reports that will enable him to convey around the thoughts held. The primary, co-composed by LREM MP Claire Pitollat and Mathieu Klein , the PS administrator of the departmental chamber of Meurthe-et-Moselle, must convey proposition to all the more likely help the holders of the dynamic solidarity pay (RSA), to quicken their arrival to work.

At present, the divisions must accept the coordination of the people concerned. Be that as it may, all don't accept a similar path, particularly since the assets dispensed by the State to back this social minima have not kept pace with the blast of consumptions identified with the RSA with the expansion in the quantity of recipients . The two chose authorities ought to outstandingly propose the renationalisation of the follow-up of the RSA holders, who could be joined by Pôle emploi.

"Insane money"

The second report, co-wrote by Julien Damon, humanist , relate teacher at Sciences Po ( Point partner ) and LREM MP Christine Cloarec, plans 40 proposition to all the more likely tailor the installment of social advantages to people's circumstances. The thought is at the core of the administration's reasoning to accommodate two apparently conflicting targets: "better battle against destitution, while controlling more open spending," review the two creators. This alludes specifically to the exit of Emmanuel Macron on the "insane cash" devoted to "social minima".

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Step by step instructions to do ? Amid the presidential battle, the possibility of a "one of a kind social remittance", uniting every one of the guides to which a man is entitled in a solitary administration, was put on the table, quite by François Fillon . In any case, for the two creators, this enormous night of advantages isn't reasonable, in any event for the time being. Particularly on the grounds that it would make an excessive number of failures, alongside the champs and it is excessively intricate, making it impossible to actualize in the present condition of the framework. They advocate more for the arrangement of a "solitary social installment", which would be restricted to enhancing "the conveyance of existing advantages consistently".

Authenticity and harmonization

This includes two noteworthy undertakings: the first is to pay the stipend in view of salary really influenced by individuals, and not wage influenced in the past as is frequently the case as of now. The second is through the harmonization of the assets considered for the count of the advantage. "Today, contrast generally both the borders (pretty much broad) of the pay considered, that the times of reference of energy about the assets (on the quarter for the RSA until the year n - 2 for the family and lodging advantages) or data recovery strategies (pretty much computerized). The components of reduction and balance relieving lost assets of the beneficiary likewise contrast, "lament the creators.

"By serving benefits in a more responsive manner with evolving conditions, they clarify, the beneficiary wins, alongside the general population accounts. This would in reality "maintain a strategic distance from blunders and point of confinement undue and reviews."

Then again, they are not for accommodating the installment dates of the different advantages. "(This) isn't the fundamental subject. Right off the bat, the principle social advantages paid by the CAFs and MSA finances in the region of minimum social advantages, lodging advantages and lodging benefits have just been paid around the same time, for this situation on the fifth of the month. Besides, blending these installment dates with those allowed under other social dangers would prompt extremely costly and confounded acclimations to the data frameworks, with no huge effect, neither on the utilization of rights nor on the undue. "

An interesting character card to deal with your association with social insurance

Another imperative proposal is to bring together the backup of individuals with the goal that they can affirm their rights. Past the various specialized proposition that they plan to accomplish this, Julien Damon and Christine Cloarec layout what they think about conceivable to do by 2022. "A proactive situation is lead (...) to a solitary referent, a special recognizable proof and administration number, benefits with orchestrated scales, a solitary purpose of passage and a solitary social record accessible to clients and shared among the establishments. Such changes (...) would crucially affect access to rights, industry and extortion. "

To symbolize these disentanglements, "a personality card incorporating the identifiers and functionalities for dealing with its relations with social security and every single open administration" could be set up. A pie in the sky considering?

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