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RE: New website is now live!

in #steempress3 years ago

Thank you for contributing to the Gaming Community on Steemit. You have been given an upvote by @steemgg. For more inspiration, visit our platform Steemgg, the first html5 gaming platform built on the Steem blockchain.


Thanks mate. :) My website has been a library of information these past few years. Now that it is going social I want to engage people so I am making loads of changes.

Thanks to SteemPress I am able to mirror my blog posts over to Steemit and because of that I have started blogging and added the entire blogging section to my theme :D In fact, after I created my account on here I closed down my FaceBook account completely. I've been looking for an excuse for a long time and knowing I can now share my games and game making tools news on here meant I finally had the excuse I've been waiting for :D

myBad Studios is sponsoring an event that is giving away free Unity assets over December. The more people who sign up for notifications, the more prizes they hand out. If I am not mistaken I think on Christmas day they hand out over $10,000 worth of free assets.... Just need to fact check on that but expect a notification and a link to that event soon... :D

glad to be here, glad to contribute, planning on doing so often! :D