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I read a post written by @cryptocurator about meme contests held by @oracle-d. I think it's interesting for me to follow, I will show you the animated meme I made for the STEEM contest. In this animation, I made the background of someone who saw the moon and was accompanied by a magician who carried the name STEEM on the moon.

1.First Meme

2.second meme

Source image

At present, all steemit users vote on Steem on the Netcoins Site. have you given your vote on the Netcoin site. if you haven't already done so, please open the link below.

1.How, as shown in the picture below

After passing the examination and you are not a robot, your voice will be seen, as shown above. deadline for voting, still one more day. Are you all in this great steemit community, willing to help Steem to go to the moon?


Good Luck

Thank you for reading my post, hope you like it and be useful to you. Do not forget also, if you like my post and want to give your love power on this post, i am very thankful. I am waiting for your feedback for my post.

Do not forget to comment and follow me, if you like then press 100% upvote ????

If you do not have a promo-steem logo, you can take my logo

You are free to use it, if you do not want to write my name while doing a#promo-steem , I will not sue

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By : @starlost

Posted @promo-steem from my blog with SteemPress :


mari semuanya kita membuat suara untuk membangkitkam steem seperti semula @starlost

Nice to see you on this campaign @starlost - thanks for voting every vote counts. I know you can push this in your local community - you have such a big Steem community in Indonesia - look forward to see one last epic push! (Please drop a link to this article on my original post - as a comment - and thanks for entering the contest!!)

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