Protecting Your Website.

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Security Against Hackers.

Nothing is worse than getting your website hacked, whether your site is taken over, or is injected with phishing or malware, not only can this be annoying but detrimental to your business and your customers, and even causing your site to be de-ranked on Google and other search engines. Here are a couple of tips to combat this.

Avoid having too many users having access to your site, the less is better, there is no need to have multiple admins/editors unless they need regular access, any old users should be removed.

Change your passwords often and make them complex, also make sure they are different from any others you use on other sites, stolen passwords can be an open invitation and leave your site vulnerable.

Always ensure that your plugins are kept up to date, out of date plugins and even software platforms may have security holes that have been fixed by the updates, so an out of date site could give access.

Have a security plugin to stop hackers, there are plenty of them out there, our preferred security plugin is WordFence that will lock out logins if someone tries to brute force your site.

By being careful, keeping your site up to date, you are making it harder (not impossible) for hackers to take over your site.

More tips to follow.

Thanks for reading.

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