Getting busy at work

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For the last eight months (January to August), our workload isn't that full. In fact, there were a lot of times when we just go to work with nothing to do. I mostly utilize those times to work on the side.

Right now, my schedule is going hectic. We have a lot of projects and I have to prioritize my work for now. I have to give up some sidelines to make sure I still get enough rest. Though I'm still trading, I enter trades less frequent than before. As much as possible, I only open the charts when I'm at my best condition.

I am still looking forward to that day that I can finally say goodbye to the corporate world. I'm currently executing my "Safe escape from the corporate jungle" plan by studying trading and hoping one day, I'll become a fulltime trader while enjoying time and financial freedom.

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You can do it, Sheila! I am rooting for you. :)

Thanks Jeth! Hope you're doing well din

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