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I like VooPlayer it is amazing for statistics and the ability to play from a number of sources like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, DropBox,and Amazon. Plus you can upload your own videos to VooPlayer although you have a storage limit and a bandwidth limit each month.

I thought it was fantastic that you could use Facebook as a host for videos and then play them on you blogs or websites. So cool.

There are many features that are useful when using VooPlayer.

Below is an examle of a Facebook video playing on a blog.

[vooplayer type="video" id="MTY5MzY1" float="right-25%" ]

If you want to try VooPlayer you can get a free version to try out but if you really want the power of VooPlayer then there are upgrades for that.

CLICK HERE to see what VooPlayer is all about.

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