Doing a mission to travel 9000+ Lightyears to see the smallest planet in the galaxy

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This past Saturday February 8th I decided to do a passenger run that i never done before! The ones where they want you to go a crazy amount of distance to do one scan! The passenger wanted me to take her to the Quantom World which upon arrival it seemed to be the smallest planet ever recorded!

Here we are landed on the smallest planet in our galaxy. Another planet can be seen from afar.
Taking the SRV up for a spin on the planet
Data from the beacon you can scan near the planet.

There were a lot of planets scanned in our journey. It seems I made more then expected! I took a snapshot of all the turn ins to show how much i made on each page of data. The 1st page was the most i ever seen! I even had a few systems worth over 6.1 million! Most of those systems i could of made more if i fully scanned the planets with probes but that is more time consuming. Check out the list!

By doing all of this I was able to finally get my rank of ELITE for exploration! I was sitting on pioneer for a long time!

Would i do this again? Not anytime soon but i do plan to go further for fun next time without feeling pressured on time itself. Having all that data for exploration is good but knowing i had a passenger with me the whole time made me worry more about her then the exploration itself.

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this is that VR game where you have the have a super high end computer in order to play it? I got to take this for a test run when visiting a friend not long ago. He is far more dedicated to gaming (and also makes a ton more money than me) it was a pretty incredible experience that is for sure. But i don't know if it would be worth the $5000 price tag on his gaming rig.

VR is not really needed but fun to use if you want a full on experience as if you are in the ship. I play on a PC worth around 1200 10 years ago and that is just me gradually upgrading just to have the upgrade and not really needed for gaming.

do you ever fight anything in this game? Like creatures on random planets?

There is only one species in this game other then humans and they are called thargroids. There is special tech you can guy to help fight them cause they can't be easily killed with normal core weapons. They are not everywhere so don't worry about that. As for fighting in general there are always wars going on in certain systems. There are always some terrorist group trying to take over a system. There is always some type of Civil War. You can find these based on color codes on the star chart. There are also community events that once completed in a certain way it impacts what is added or removed from the game!

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