1995 Toyota Celica GT-Four

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Behold, the 1995 Toyota Celica GT-Four! What's so special about this car? It's 1995 anyways. Well for those who don't know, this is a car well made by Toyota that has won the Rally championship series. I was still an infant during the production / release of this beast. It held the title of WRC (World Rally Championship) during 1995, which was the same year when it was released with the model code ST205.

I only get to know about this car while playing my old Playstation 1 Gran Turismo game. This car is pretty much 'extinct' so I don't really bother to see one in real life. I guess I have the honor and luck to actually see one in real life. My jaws dropped more than seeing Lamborghinis or Audis...

This beast is really the rarest of them all. There's one selling on Mudah about RM60k currently, unfortunately it is in Auto transmission.

History proven that this car has been banned from the World Rally Championship for a year due to the usage of illegal turbo restrictors. I really think that a race should be a race, not just to prove which driver is the fastest, but also the car's performance that has to be properly managed by the team. If a race should be fair, everyone should drive the same car right? Which is totally pointless to me..

This car is putting out 239 bhp for export models, while the original Japanese model is able to produce up to 252 bhp, one of the strongest and most produced to date...

That rims, really suits this car as it is popular because of rally racing background.

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