The lover’s park

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The lover’s park


The flowers seemed so lovely. The park was lively with vibrant colors. The spring had arrived. The caretakers were expecting an onset of visitors especially lovers who came to the park once spring arrived. Both old and young also arrived, and small kids loved the playthings kept especially for them. The lady came to the caretaker. She was wearing a blue velvet dress. She seemed a little lost. She approached the caretaker and asked him if she could film the park for her television channel. He said that he wanted a written permission. She agreed and gave him a signed letter. He read it and placed his seal. She was asked to go ahead and shoot. She smiled and thanked him. She then went to the waiting room and took out her camera from her bag. She had come all the way from her city on this assignment. She used to love traveling. She also loved to be a journalist and that's how she became one and started working with a TV station. Her parents had been apprehensive but she was comfortable with her job and with the Almighty’s blessings, went ahead with her work.

She used to love overseas assignments too and went where no one had dared to go like the shooting for a police case where she had helped the law by shooting the scene of a supposed crime and had even helped prevent it by diverting the attention of the criminal. Her bravery had been secretly awarded by the police who praised her and also requested to work for them when they called. The parents had been scared when she worked for the police case and so she stopped updating them of such cases. She was not the usual girlish type who wanted boys to notice her.

Her boss was surprised that she accepted the lovers’ park assignment. Her boss did not know that she had accepted it because the police had told her secretly that violent incidents could be expected soon and they wanted footage of the whole park and details of people who seemed suspects. She dressed like an ordinary girl. She used to wear black slacks and formal tops and seemed formidable more often than not and so boys her age never used to bother her. She also never went near spots where the young frequented. Her parents were worried about her but hoped she would come around and find her true love soon.

Her blue velvet dress was a gift from her parents who had been disappointed when she did not wear it. When she did wear it for coming over to the park, they had been pleased and hoped to the almighty that she would be noticed by someone worthwhile. They knew that their daughter was stunning but it was her attitude which kept men away.

She came back to her present and started to unpack a food packet. She sat down on the bench and ate a sandwich and drank fruit juice. She then got up and looked in the mirror and made sure she looked okay. She wore matching blue teardrop earrings and a blue bracelet. She smoothed her dress and just then a few young girls walked in. One could tell from their dress and behaviour that they were here for only a single purpose, to have fun with their friends. She smiled at them but they just looked curiously at her and talked among themselves. She felt funny and wondered why they were so. She shrugged and decided to walk out. She kept her bag in a locker and walked outside.

The girls stared at her as she walked out. She did not seem to be carrying anything with her except a small blue clutch. She had heads turn as she walked on. She was beautiful and she was not aware of it. Most people thought she was a model or actress and some girls even came running for her autograph. She was stunned and smiled sheepishly and told them that she was just an ordinary girl. They did not believe her. She thought to herself that she had invited deep trouble by her dressing like that and blamed herself.


Unknown to all, her blue bracelet was a camera. She also had a voice recorder in her earrings. The gaudy jewelry did not give away the game. She walked by the flowers and took her mobile and posed for some selfies just to give the impression that she was an ordinary person. A few boys looked at her longingly and she smiled and walked on. She now had covered most of the park. She saw a small bushy area where the grass was overgrown and the flower beds had weeds. The looming trees seemed to give the area an eerie look. No one was there and rightly so. It was creepy looking. She wondered why the area was ignored when the rest of the park was beautiful beyond doubt. She went over and inspected the area. She saw a small shed. The door was closed, she made sure her camera filmed the area. Unknown to her, a man was watching her moves. She felt as if someone was watching her but turned around and saw only a few kids who had strayed over. She went to them and led them away. The man smiled at her action. He suddenly felt happy. He took out his mobile and called the police headquarters.


He told his subordinate that the journalist was doing a good job. Unknown to her, the police were watching her so that she was protected in case anything happened. Her parents had requested the police and they had been willing to help. This time, the young officer had been sent over as it was a lovers’ park case. The police did not want anyone to suspect anything fishy in case a middle-aged officer went over. The young officer was smart. He too was single and hoped that he would meet a good girl some day. He then saw this young journalist whom he was supposed to watch. He found her very attractive. He knew of her daring nature. He had smiled when she led the kids away because then he knew that she was kind by heart and cared for kids too.

She seemed the simple lot because she kept fidgeting with her jewels rather than flaunt it. He hoped that they could hit it out together some day. Thinking so, he followed her. She picked her things in the bag which she had taken out from the locker and started walking out when one of the security guards stopped her. He asked her who she was. She smiled and told in a false voice that she was just enjoying a visit when he grabbed her hand tried to take her bag. She became alert and tried to go free but he had by now closed her mouth so that she did not shout. She had not seen this guard before. The office saw this and came running over with his revolver pointed and freed her. He then took the guard and pinned him down so fast that the guard could not react. He alerted the force and soon more men came over.

The police did not want the people to be alarmed. So, they kept the sirens down but the cars brought people over. She was surprised, as the security guard was questioned and more like him were routed and caught. They then led him to the shed where guns were confiscated. There had been plans for a shoot and the timely actions by the police, it was prevented. The people were happy and praised the police force. They thanked the girl and told them that it was her filming which gave them clues and praised her for her brave act. The people gathered there were so surprised and wondered how such a good looking girl could be brave.

After the guards were taken away, she approached the young officer and asked him if he had been following her. He smiled and told her about her parents’ request. She smiled sheepishly and thanked him. She wondered if he was single. He was very good looking and somehow seemed to make her feel attracted. He saw her looking at him. He took her hand on an impulse and asked her if she would prefer to take a stroll with him. She agreed. She knew she had lost her heart to him. They kept their things in his car and walked. This time, the people cheered for them and they smiled. He took her to a spot beside the lake and they sat down beside the lake and talked for some time. He told her about himself and she also did the same. They felt good and somehow the chemistry worked. They agreed to meet for a date the next day after work. The park seemed to have worked for them. As they left, they sighed with relief as they thought of how many lives had been saved that day and they thanked the God almighty.

God is Love

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